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Question:what are the 8 characteristics of living things? thanks for help?

Answers:1. all living things have dna 2. all living things need food and shelter 3. all living things obtain/use energy 4. all living things need to adapt 5. all living things respond to their enviornment 6. all living things adapt 7. all living things reproduce 8. all living things grow and develope

Question:and give a meaning of them if you can? thanks XD

Answers:M- movement R.- reproduction M- made of cells U- use of energy G- growth R- respond to stimula E- exchange of gases E- excretion's L- limited life span

Question:in paragraphs (if found)

Answers:viruses are not living.


Answers:We always used M.R.S. G.R.E.N for this. Movement Respiration Sensitivity Growth Reproduction Excretion Nutrition I've not heard of the 8th one though... If you need examples these seem to be pretty thourough:

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8 Characteristics Of Living Things Bloopers :bloppers

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