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Question:Theme: Better to have friends than fortune What is a title of a book with that theme? What is a title of a poem & author with that theme? What is a title of a movie with that theme? What is a title of a short story with that theme? please. we got answers but we aren't sure. thanks.

Answers:Movie - cheetah girls Book - Pippy Long Stockings

Question:I am doing a book report about florence nightingdale and my teacher requires that we make an outline. my two suppoints are "I. The plot" and "II. The moral" for my moral I had: A. Never give up B. Endure through pain but my teacher told me that those are sentences and that I need to change them so that they are not sentences. can anybody give me some suggestions? even if it changes the whole entire sentence. i just need help!? -Eli :)

Answers:Omg Eli- I finnaly found you- It is me Johanna and my other account go suspendend. Im soo happy i found you- How have you been

Question:Hi there. I would like to watch the asian drama 7th grade online for free. Crunchyroll doesn't work for me. Mysoju doesn't have it. I would like to watch it with English subtitles. Please. If I have to download it, then it can't be a torrent. I need WMV or AVI. WMV is awesome! Thanks guys! And, i didn't mean to put this in the Primary school thingy. :)

Answers:For downloads, you might consider BearShare.com or Limewire.com, however, there are some online TV available in almost all countries. Here are two: http://www.beelinetv.com http://broadcast-live.com

Question:ok.........im having a problem. my math teacher sux. sometimes i dont get a thing shes explaining. so do u know any good site where there are online lessons, quizzez and homework help of maths, science and english for 7th grades?

Answers:for math go to: math.com *good site, very helpful. goes through instructions of what you're searching for and has quizzes at the end. english, try: sparknotes.com *they breakdown different books, helping to get a better understanding of them. there is also biology help on this site too, i've used both and trust me, was very useful. problem is they only have certain books (srry it may be geared toward high-schoolers more) brainpop.com *has different subjects, never used it but looks pretty good hope i've helped. good luck with your studies!!

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Commercial for 7th grade english :Commercial for English

7th grade English Sample :Directed Instruction using a graphic organizer to explain the writing process.