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7 Class Working Model in Physics

In this article we will be discussing about what 7 class working model in physics is. To start with we should know what a model means or tells. Basically a model is a lookalike of a bigger project or object. Like we have models of cars which is an imitation of the original one. We see these model cars and come to know what an original car will look like. So a model is those things which explain us about its true origin. A working model is like a mini car which has the functional ability like the bigger one. Basically a working model helps us to know how the particular thing works. It materializes the theory into a physical form which means if we make a working model we will be telling others about its bigger part. A working model is a replica of a bigger thing when an architect decides to build a building he makes a model of it to showcase what he has in his mind and if there is a use of some kind of motors then that it is considered to be a working.

Physics is a subject which has a number of topics which can be used for making models. If we make a still model it’s okay but if we make a working one than we will be understanding the topic very clearly. By this we simply mean that in physics we should not make still models we should try to make working models because they are fun to make and fun to watch. If a group of students get involves in making a working model then students start enjoying physics and they will do effort also to make it good. A working model also includes a proper presentation students should also focus on it. Like a model will speak for itself but on other hand we should be prepared with a proper presentation for our working model. Every child in group should be present and he should be ready to answer any query. If you make a working model than the most basic thing should be kept in mind that is you should check your model before the time of presentation.

In the end we conclude by saying that in class 7 physics holds a lot of topics because it is not a different subject it is part of science so number of topics increased. So students have liberty of choosing from a wide range topics which gives them a lot of options. Teachers can ask their student to take part in this kind of model making. If they do so they will see that students took efforts by themselves to gather knowledge about the subject. In return teachers can just provide them help by discussing every pros and cons of it. A working model needs a lot attention and a lot of patience also because a single mistake can blow their plans. So we can say that 7 class working model in physics holds an important place. So this is all about 7 class working model in physics.