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Question:Which characteristics do viruses don't have? 10 Points to Best Answer.

Answers:The 7 characteristics are: 1 Movement 2 Respiration (breathing) 3 Growth 4 Reproduction 5 Nutrition (it "eats" in some form) 6 Excretion (it excretes waste products) 7 Sensitivity (can sense changes in the environment) The only one of the things a Virus can do is reproduce. They do not move (they just kind of float through the body), breathe, eat, excrete, grow or respond to their environment (at least not when outside of a host cell) and even when they reproduce they need the help of the host cell to produce the building parts, which then self-assemble. Most scientists do not see them as living things for that reason.

Question:SO i have this science test coming up soon and i have to be able to remember the 7 Characteristics of living things they are: 1-movement 2-respond 3-respire 4-assimilate 5-grow. 6-excrete 7-reproduce if theres like a rhyme or like arranging the first letter of each one to make a word to remeber that'd be cool thanks x

Answers:I use MRS GREN Movement Respiration Sensitivity Growth Reproduction Excretion Nutrition

Question:please & thank you =)

Answers:i thinks its 8 characteristics. 1)Made up of 1 or more cells 2)displays organization 3)grows and develops 4)reproduces 5)responds to a stimulus 6)requires energy 7)maintain homeostasis 8)ability to adapt to the environment

Question:what are the 8 characteristics of living things? thanks for help?

Answers:1. all living things have dna 2. all living things need food and shelter 3. all living things obtain/use energy 4. all living things need to adapt 5. all living things respond to their enviornment 6. all living things adapt 7. all living things reproduce 8. all living things grow and develope

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