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6th grade math sheet

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Answers:The answer is log

Question:Well I have to do a riddle math sheet. Here is the riddle: What do you call a Palace Window? The letters I have left are: C,AR,T,O,YA,RD,HE,LP,UP,M,AN,E I still have somemore to eliminate, but this is all I could do. Any idea? THE ANSWER is only 10 spaces. HELP I got teh answers from solving for the variable. Its too hard to write it on here though

Answers:You would call it a royal pane. get it? window pane in a palace.

Question:LET'S CREATE IT ON PAPER! Matthew has a total of 2 1/3 sheets of paper TO complete his diagram of the perfect space station. If the entire drawing requires 3 1/5 sheets of paper, what fraction of the drawing will he complete? 2. Peggy designed 9 cartoon characters for her comic strip! If each scene allowed room for 5 1/2 characters, how many scenes did it take to fit in all of the funny people? 3. Deborah has 2 1/2 sheets of oak tag for the hanging sign she is making! If each word requires 2/4 of a sheet, how many words will she be able to make? 4. The mural that Heather was painting was a total of 1 1/4 yd long. If the canvases that she got were 5/6 of a yard each, how many will she need to complete her mural? 5. Del only had 1 9/10 1o bottles of India ink to do his sketches. If each drawing required 2 5/6 bottles to complete, what fraction of his drawing could he finish? 6. Sheridan bought 6 1/3 boxes of charcoal to do her sketches. If each sketch used 3 2/4 boxes, how many sketches was she able to finish? 7. David needed 2 1/5 qt of fluorescent paint to complete the "larger than life" action characters he was painting. If each character required 1 1/8 qt of paint, how many characters did he get done with the paint on hand? 8. Sandy used a total of 12 bottles of paint on her paintings! If each painting had 5 1/3 bottles of paint on it, how many paintings was she able to complete? 9. Sharla was allotted total of 4 1/6 yd of wall to do her mural. She had originally hoped for 5 1/8 yd. What fraction of her original idea did she have room for on the wall? 10. The art teacher had a total of 6 2/4 yd of cloth to make the batik designs during class. If each student was given 5/8 yd, how many pieces of cloth were given out to use? 11. Cheryl had a total of 15 ft of paper to draw her threedimensional sign. If each word required 4 2/5 ft, how many words was she able to place on her paper? 12. Kendrick had 8 1/3 bottles of fabric paint to make his T-shirts! If each shirt required 8 bottles for his design, how many shirts was he able to complete? Plz show how u did it plz!

Answers:do it ur self or burn it

Question:Okay here are the question 7 of them 1.Ajay buys !.7 pounds of red apples for 0.50 a pound whats his bill 2.Kelly buys 0.4 of a pound of gannny smith apples on sale for 0.55 a pound. What is her billl 3.Chayton buys northern spy apples for his brother''''''s pie he buys 3.2 pounds at 1.10 whats his bill 4.Theee apple a day roadside fruit stand sells bunches of wildflowers the seller wraps each bunch in a sheet of paper wutg dimensions of 1.5 feet by 1.5 feet what is the area of the paper 5. why does it make sense to use multiplecactiom to solve this situations in question 1 my teacher said u should use it 6.

Answers:1. (What is !.7?) 2. 0.4 x 0.55 = Her bill is 0.22 3. 3.2 x 1.1 = His bill is 3.52 4. 1.5 x 1.5 = 2.25 square feet

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