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6 th grade math tutorial online free

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Question:iim going into 6th grade and i forgot everyting i leaned in 5th grade so do you know any websites were i can revie and learn for so i can be prepared for 6th grade pop quizes?and a placewere i can get a iq test online

Answers:You usually start out the year reviewing things from last year. I promise they won't just throw you into new stuff without reviewing.

Question:Ok, so I have to tutor this kid going into 6th grade next year. His mom wants me to cover the curriculum over so he will do well next year. I'm going to 10th grade next year, and I did Honors Algebra in 8th grade and got a C, and did AE Geo in 9th grade and I got a B. So I'm not that great at math, but I'm ok. So, what is the curriculum for 6th grade that I should teach him? And how do I teach it to him? Should I make worksheets or print them out from online or what? Thanks so much!!!

Answers:Go to your state department of education and look at the state standards for math. That will spell out what the students need to learn. Ignore the inadequately qualified remark. Another 6th grader could tutor effectively. That is just ignorance there. Anyway, in California, 6th grade is Comparing and ordering fractions,decimals, integers (at the same time) Area of a circle, diameter, circumference, radius multiply and divide fractions and integers. Linear equations Those are some the biggest ones.

Question:Im In The 6th grade and my grades are really low.its summer break and after,im moving and ill be in the 7th grade.I was planning on studying with my math and science book but they took them. :( How Can Study 6 and 7th grade science and math online? ''free''

Answers:I'm in seventh grade currently. First of all, are you transfering into a private school or a very advance one? If not, well, how to put this lightly. I have promised myself a billion times that I would study, but I never do. But I always do fine in tests as long as I concentrate. In my primary years, my school made us play this fun maths site where you compete with people all over the country. But if your school hasn't gave you your password, I'm pretty sure you have to pay. But here is the link anyway: http://www.mathletics.com.au/ OMG! The kid that has the highest points in the world is a kid that is in my primary!! Wow,..... About science, I've looked around, can't really find anything one it. So sorry :( But I hope that site helps!!

Question:Im almost done with 6th grade and I really need to study for the rest of the summer as much as possible on 6th grade subjects because to be honest...im a straight F student and I cry sometimes because I feel so STUPID!! *Ugh* I mean..with me being a straight F student it would be like a little girl skipping K-6grade and just starting with 7th.....well kinda lol.I really want to do good in my next grade..atleast get B's.Can someone Help!!

Answers:Sixth Grade Subject Links http://parkview.nebo.edu/sixthlinks http://www.edselect.com/grade62.htm http://www.valleystream13.com/links/6.htm http://www.cocke.k12.tn.us/sixthgrade_links.htm http://www.wallingford.k12.ct.us/page.cfm?p=7824 http://www.mhasd.k12.wi.us/MiddleSchool.cfm?subpage=112799 http://www.graniteschools.org/el/rosecrest/6thgrade/sixth_grade.htm http://www.fcps.edu/ProvidenceES/Programs_Info/science%20website/index_files/Page318.htm

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