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Question:Explain what a closed system is, and how energy is conserved within it.

Answers:closed system: a part that is separted from its surroundings by a boundary that lets no transfer of matter or energy across it. And so it produces energy by it's self. example: a human body I know isn't just so confusing to learn about!

Question:My son came home from school yesterday with a homework assignment. He is supposed to look up information on the Archada Kingdom. This should have something to do with the various kingdoms involving plant, mammal, reptile, etc. I believe that my spelling may be wrong. Can anyone tell me the correct spelling for this and am I on the right track? I am only giving him a starting point to go from in researching this. Thanks!

Answers:Hi Scarlett, I think that you are looking for the Arachnid class. I thought you might be referring to this since the prefix ARACHNE refers to spiders, as in Arachnophobia (the movie) These creatures have 8 legs and have joints, as we do (ankle, knee, hip) I am attaching a link for further study. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arachnids Have fun with this, we did last year in my class

Question:If you ride your bike 23 kilometers in 1.5 hours, what is your average speed?

Answers:Average speed = Distance divided by Time 23kilometers divided by 1.5 hours = 15.333333 kilometers per hour

Question:Describe how Earth would be different today if it contained no radioactive material. What would the consequences be for the Earth s interior layers?

Answers:you will never feel the warmth of the earth and the lovely breeze of the air