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Question:where can u get answers for TAKS practices in reading 5th grade my brother needs help we just moved her frm arizona if u know a site where it shows answers for... TAKS Practice Book for reading in 5th grade plz tell thx!

Answers:usally teachers help. its not a hard test and teachers put everything aside to help get the kids to study. and by study, no bathroom breaks they work 7/5 a day. so tell your brother not to worry

Question:A glass jar contains a total of 29 marbles.the jar has green and blue marbles.There are 24 green marbles.Describe thee probability of picking a red marble.Tell me the precent,if its certain,likly,unlikely or impossible.Tell me what the fraction is for example 1/2!Ok and thanks! 13 minutes ago - 3 days left to answer. Report It

Answers:Total of 29 Marbles that are either BLUE or GREEN 24 Green and 5 Blue, thus, there are 0 RED marbles meaning the probability is 0/29 = 0% (otherwise, referred to as simply impossible)

Question:1.Jameel scored 8.8 on the floor even and 7.75 in the vault how much better how much better did he score on the floor..........0.25??? 2.A rely race is run. Each runner runs one leg or 1/8 kilometeer how many runners are required to run a total of 3/4 kilometer?......3 players?? 3.what is 1/4 of 13 feet of rope?..........9 feet? 4.how many cars are needed to take 13 children on a feild trip if each car can hole 4........4 remainder 3 seats????

Answers:1. 8.8-7.75=1.05 2. there are 6 1/8 kilometer legs in 3/4 kilometer, so you would need 6 runners 3. 13/4=3.25 feet 4. 4 cars (13/4=3 cars with one person left over, but you would get another car for the last person)

Question:I need an answer key for my math workbook because I'm having trouble! Please tell me one I can flip through online!

Answers:well, in the verry back of the book, the answers are there under the page #