5 factors affecting photosynthesis

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Question:Besides Temperature, what is another limiting factor? Is there one?

Answers:Water, carbon dioxide and light.

Question:I need to create an experiment that is based on one of those two factors and it needs to tie in with how does this affect for example plant cells. Any suggestions on what experiment I could do?

Answers:Look at the effect of light on photosynthesis. Full details in link.

Question:For my bio lab report, we have to come up with a COMPREHENSIVE list of all abiotic factors that could affect the growth of a producer in an ecosystem. please help me and list some factors p.s. the more I have, the better p.p.s. I know some: like sun, water, wind, light intensity, soil temperature...but i need more THANK YOU :) Also, two abiotic factors that do not affect the growth of producers in the schoolyard ecosystem. (we did the lab in our school field, so it's the factors that are specific to a school field)

Answers:1. Temperature: affects the organism's metabolism, The normal range is between 0 degrees and 50 degrees centigrade. 2. Water: adaptations for water homeostasis and conservation play a large role in determining a species' habitat range. 3. Light: The sun is the major energy source of nearly all ecosystems. Availability of light can determine habitat. In aquatic environments, water selectively reflects and absorbs certain wavelengths of light. As a result of this most photosynthesis occurs near the surface of the water. Animal and plant behavior is often sensitive to photo periods. 4. Soil: Physical structure, pH, and mineral composition of soil limit distribution of plants and have an effect on the animals that feed on them. 5. Wind: Increases the effects on temperature by increasing heat loss by evaporation and convection. 6. Natural Disasters: Fire, hurricanes, typhoons, volcanic eruptions can devastate biological communities.