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4th Grade Math Simplifying Expressions

4th Grade Math Simplifying Expressions: 4th grade maths Simplifying expression help students to learn the basics of an algebraic equation. Based on student's capability of knowledge and understandability the topic is brought out in 4th grade.

Simplify Expression Using Orders of operation: The expression is simplified using BODMAS rule.

BODMAS  Means:

B = brackets
o = of                                 (power  and square root of the terms are carried )
d = division                         (operation carried out from left- right )
m = multiplication            (operation carried out from left- right )
a = addition
s = subtraction

Simplifying Expression: Before simplify the expression order of operation to be taken care namely

a)Multiplication and division
b)Addition and subtraction

We have come up with few problems on how to simplify the expression.

     1.   6 + 8 – 8 ÷ 8
           6 + 8 – 1 // Step 1: Multiply and divide from left to right. //
           14 - 1             // Step 2: Add and subtract from left to right  //

      2.  20 ÷ 4 – 6 ÷ 2
            5 – 6 ÷ 2 // divide from left to right. //
            5 – 3        //  subtract from left to right  //
               = 2

       3.  12 ÷ 4 + 5 * 3 – 6
       Step 1:  Multiply and divide from left to right
                         3 + 5*3 - 6
                         3 + 15 - 6
       Step 2:  Add and subtract from left to right.
                         18 - 6
                         12    // the answer is 12 //

Words Problems: The expression is being brought out with word problem which involves mathematical operation like addition, subtraction, multiplication and subtraction of the term.

   1.  Arun has two pen. One pencil is a inches long. The other pencil is 2 times longer than the first pen and there sum of height is 9 How long is the each  pencil ?
                     Let the two pencils be x  and y.
                     Given first pen x = a …..........(1)
                     y = 2 times longer than x,  y = 2a ….........(2)
                     x + y = 9
                     a + 2a = 9 // assign the value of x and y   //
                           3a = 9 // divide the equation with constant term 3 //
                     a = 3
                     substitute the value of a in equitation 1 and 2
                     x = 3
                     y = 2*3
                        = 6

          2.  John walked $\frac{4}{8}$ of a mile to his friend’s house, and then $\frac{2}{8}$ of a mile to his house. How  far  did John  walk altogether?

               Given John walked  $\frac{4}{8}$ of a mile to his friend’s house, and then $\frac{2}{8}$ of a mile to his house.

               $\frac{4}{8}$, $\frac{2}{8}$
                The denominator of the term remains constant we need not to take LCM. Add the two terms.

                 $\frac{4}{8}$ + $\frac{2}{8}$
                   = $\frac{6}{8}$     // reduce to the lowest term  //
                   = $\frac{3}{4}$

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From Yahoo Answers

Question:Ok I need help on math and please number them thank you!!! Here are the problems and dirtctions: Simplify.Follow the order of operations. 5. 2+(5x3) 6. 2x6/3+9 Evaluate each expression when n=8. 7. 9n 8. n/2 9. n+24 10. 63-n Write >,<,or = for each. 11. (64/8)x3 _____ 100-67 12. 3x(6+5) ______ (3x6)+(3x5) 13. 25+(36-9) _____ (25+36)-9 14.5x(72/8) ______ (6x3)+36 Solve each equation. Check the solution. 15. p+12=75 16. 9n=63 17. x-16=98 18. 6=y/8 Solve. 19.One ticket cost $10. The total cost was $60. Write an equation to show how to find the number of tickets bought. 20. On Friday, 1,976 people visted a zoo. On Monday, 786 people visted. About how many more people visted on Friday? Explain your solution. Thanks I appreciate anybody who helped.

Answers:5.2+15=17 6.12/12=1 7.72 8.4 9.32 10.55 11.24<33 12.33>3 13.52=52 14.45<54 15.p=63 16.n=7 17.x=124 18.y=48 19.$60/$10=6 tickets 20.1,976-786=1190 more people If 1,976 went on Friday and 786 went on Monday, then you subtract Monday's amount from Friday's amount to get how many more people went on Friday.

Question:I'm trying to help my daughter (4th grade) with math homework but am not understanding the concept. She is given the number 1980. Then she has to list numbers 1 through 10 and write an expression to equal the number. For example, for number 1, the expression must equal 1. For number 2, the expression must equal 2 and so on and so on. She says the numbers must be used in order in the expression 1 9 8 0. I am not understanding how this is possible......any help?? :-)

Answers:These are the answers: 1-1 2-1,1 3-1,1,1 4-1,1,1,1 5-1,1,1,1,1 6-1,1,1,1,1,1 7-1,1,1,1,1,1,1 8-8 9-9 10-1,9

Question:my little sister thinks D is correct 1. There are 24 dancers in Joy's recital. if n represents the number of jazz dancers, which expression represents the number of other dancers? a. 24 + n b. 24 - n c. 24 x n d. 24/n a

Answers:b. 24-n

Question:Working with variables. What would the answer be to this question? 7 more than x ____________ Now, I'm trying to help my daughter with her homework but I don't know what they are looking for here. There is no value applied to x. The directive above the question says, "Write an expression for each situation. I am not sure what that means. I was thinking maybe by 8th 9th grade I would have to ask these type of questions. Pretty sad. Thanks for the help!

Answers:x + 7 You first start off with x, then since it says "7 more" you add 7. An expression is a mathematical phrase that contains operations, numbers and/or variables. example: the sum of x and 3 x increased by 3 x + 3

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4th Grade Math :

4th Grade Video :Little review PPT for our 4th gradestudents & I made it into a video w/ the help of the voices of 2 of my coteachers. Script: ======= Act 1, Outside Police Officer: Stop! Can I help you? Tony: Yes, I'm lost. Where is the school? Police Officer: Turn left, go straight, and turn right. Tony: Thank you! Police Officer: You're welcome. Act 2, Class Teacher: You're late. It's time for class. Tony: I'm sorry. Teacher: OK. Class, what day is it? CLASS: Today is ______. Teacher: Good. What do we study today? Mina: We study Art, Science, Math and English today. Act 3, Lunch Thomas: You look tired, Minsu. What time do you go to bed? Minsu: I usually go to bed at 11 P M. Tony: Wow, that's late. Thomas: What time do you get up? Minsu: I get up at 6 A M. Julie: What do you do at night? Minsu: I play computer games. Julie: Don't play computer games at night, Minsu! Tony: Yes, you should sleep more. Act 4, Playground Tony: I'm hungry. What time is it? Minsu: It's 6:40. I'm late for dinner. Thomas: What time do you have dinner? Minsu: 6:30. I'm late. Thomas: What about you Tony? Tony: 7 P M. I do my homework at 8 P M. Thomas: You do your homework at night? Tony: Yes, when do you do your homework? Thomas: I come home at 3:30. I do my homework at 4 P M. Minsu & Tony: Wow. You're a good boy. Act 5, In front of the school Julie: Did you have a good weekend? Minsu: Yes. I went to Zeeto's concert. How about you? Julie: I stayed home and cooked with my mom. What did you do Mina? Mina: I went ...