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4th grade math line segments lines and rays

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Question:1.)I have 2 vertical line segments,2 horizontal line segments,and 2 pairs of perpendicular line segments.What am I? 2.)I have 1 pair of parallel line segments and 4 line segments.I do not have perpendicular line segments.What Am I? im not cheating this is jus a 4th Grade im not even in $4th grade.so shut up if u dunt kno

Answers:1.rectangle 2.trapezoid

Question:Emily drew a connect the dots puzzle using 120 line segments, Tom drew one with 100 line segments. What fraction, in simplest form, compares the two numbers?

Answers:It would be 100/120, but when simplified it is 5/6.

Question:write the word that describes the lines or line segments. 1.the strings on a guitar 2.the marks left by a skidding car 3.sidewalks on opposite sides of a street 4.the segments that make up a + sign 5.the wires suspended between telephone poles 6.the hands of a clock at 9:00 P.M. 7the trunks of grown trees in a forest. please help. i dont understand this. :(

Answers:1) Parallel 2) Parallel 3) Parallel 4) Perpendicular 5) Parallel 6) Perpendicular 7) Parallel If the instructions are written as you wrote them, then it means pick the word that describes the relationship of the lines in each example. Like with the guitar strings or the sidewalk, these lines run in the same direction so they are parallel. Since a + sign has opposite lines, it is perpendicular, same with 9:00 because the hour hand is horizontal and the minute hand is vertical. Make sense?

Question:sup! I'm alexis, I'm 17. It's funny how none of this stuff actually sticks for me, but my little brother has 3 pages of math homework and neither one of us can figure it out. lol. sad. but true. and some of it i swear i never did in his grade. or like ever. _______________________________________________________________ ok the first one says "fill in the boxes to make equivalent fractions" 2/4 = 4/__ __/12 = 4/6 ____________________________________________________________ "evaluate the given fractions. Do the students have units that are equivalent in size? explain. Prove your answer with a sketch or with an example of an equivalent fraction" 10. arra has 2/3 of a candy bar. Brenda has 5/6 of a candy bar. __________________________________________________________ "If two numbers are adjusted equally, the answer to the problem stays the same. The subtrahend, 57, is 3 away from 60; add 3 to both the subtrahend and the minuend." ex. 71 +3 ------ 74 - 57 + 3 ------ - 60 ---------- ------- ----------- 14 ------- 14 "look at the problem. make an adjustment. rewrite the problem and subtract" 51 - 26 ______ ___________________________________________ "write the decimal that is equal to ech word phrase on the first line. write the equivalent fraction or mixed fraction on the second line." 1. four hundredths _______ _______ 13. two thousand, five hundred forty two and six hundredths ______ _______ ____________________________________ "If the grid is worth one, shade the following decimals" 1. 0.05 (just describe what i'd do) ___________________________________ thanks guys. and to answer any possible questions.. YES, i am serious. and NO im not retarded, i have an A in pre-cal i simply don't remember this stuff k? so don't be rude just answer the questions!

Answers:I think I can help with a few... 2/4 = 4/8 2/3 = ?/6 and 5/6 2/3 = 4/6 and 5/6 Brenda has the bigger piece. do a pie chart divided into 6...... 51 + 3 = 54 -26 + 3 = 29 ___________ 25 + 3 = 25 (subtract each set of numbers before and after the 3s) 4/100 and 25 2,542 6/100 and 2542.16

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Line, Ray, Line Segment, Plane, Point :The Math Party National Standards Program - www.themathparty.com

Midpoint of a Line Segment :This lesson demonstrates through 3 examples how to use the midpoint of a line segment formula. This is one of a series of math video lessons created for the MPM2D grade 10 Academic math course in the province of Ontario, Canada.