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Question:Soil in a certain area erodes at the rate of 3.2 centimeters per month. How much soil erodes over a period of 5 years? Show work please!

Answers:12 months in 1 year 3.2x 12=38.4 38.4 is how much soil erodes in 1 year according to your data. 38.4 x 5 since 38.4 is one years but you need the ammount of soil eroded over a period of 5 years. 38.4 x 5 = 192 so 192 centimeters of soil in a certain area erode over a period of 5 years. 3.2x 12 3 x 12= 36 0.2x12=2.4 36+2.4=38.4 38.4= centimeters of erosion for 1 year 38 x 5 = 190 0.4x5 = 2 190+2=192 192=erosion for 5 years It doesn't get much higher detailed then this.

Question:please show work The Hard Rock Cafe served 285 hamburgers and 353 sandwich plates. About how many meals were served? ABOUT which is estimate to the nearest hundreths sorry hundredth is really hundred

Answers:If estimating... 285 to the nearest hundred is 300 and 353 is 400... so it would be 700 then?

Question:the question is: (1st part)-what patterns do you see in the multiples of two and four in the multiplication table? (2nd part)-compare how they are alike and how they are different. my little sister needs help. thank you

Answers:You can't help your little sister with that question yourself? Hmmm.... Anyway, if you look at multiples of 2 ( 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, etc. ) every, multiple set of even numbers makes a product of multiples of 4. Look at the chart below. 2 times 2 < 2 multiplied by an even number = 4 2 times 4 < 2 multiplied by the next even number = 8 2 times 6 < 2 multiplied by another even number = 12 If you look, you'll see that the answers to all of these are multiples of 4. It'll be up to your sister to explain how they are alike and how there different.

Question:5 people have 4 sandwiches, how do they split the sandwiches equally--what part does each person get? And how did you get your answer? This is suppose to be 4th grade math!!!

Answers:Each gets 4/5 of a sandwich. Do 4/5 There are 5 people and 4 sandwhiches. Come on man!

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4th Grade Math :

4th Grade Video :Little review PPT for our 4th gradestudents & I made it into a video w/ the help of the voices of 2 of my coteachers. Script: ======= Act 1, Outside Police Officer: Stop! Can I help you? Tony: Yes, I'm lost. Where is the school? Police Officer: Turn left, go straight, and turn right. Tony: Thank you! Police Officer: You're welcome. Act 2, Class Teacher: You're late. It's time for class. Tony: I'm sorry. Teacher: OK. Class, what day is it? CLASS: Today is ______. Teacher: Good. What do we study today? Mina: We study Art, Science, Math and English today. Act 3, Lunch Thomas: You look tired, Minsu. What time do you go to bed? Minsu: I usually go to bed at 11 P M. Tony: Wow, that's late. Thomas: What time do you get up? Minsu: I get up at 6 A M. Julie: What do you do at night? Minsu: I play computer games. Julie: Don't play computer games at night, Minsu! Tony: Yes, you should sleep more. Act 4, Playground Tony: I'm hungry. What time is it? Minsu: It's 6:40. I'm late for dinner. Thomas: What time do you have dinner? Minsu: 6:30. I'm late. Thomas: What about you Tony? Tony: 7 P M. I do my homework at 8 P M. Thomas: You do your homework at night? Tony: Yes, when do you do your homework? Thomas: I come home at 3:30. I do my homework at 4 P M. Minsu & Tony: Wow. You're a good boy. Act 5, In front of the school Julie: Did you have a good weekend? Minsu: Yes. I went to Zeeto's concert. How about you? Julie: I stayed home and cooked with my mom. What did you do Mina? Mina: I went ...