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3rd grade math standard form

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Question:It is my son's homework and I forgot.

Answers:It's like 1+2=3 The opposite of standard form, expanded form, is the longer way which is: one plus two equals three Shouldn't he have learned this already cause what's the point of doing homework if you didn't learn about the subject yet?~

Question:How many numbers from 1-200 have an expanded form that is identical to the standard form? What are they? Please no mocking and please help me with this question. Thank you!

Answers:Man, I'm in High School and I don't even know how to answer this....

Question:Number in expanded form: 3,000+100+50+4 Write the standard form: 3,154 Now, i need help on this question below; Write the value of one: ???? This is simple 3rd grade math people!!!!

Answers:do you mean the value in the "one" place? If it is. 3 is in the thousands place since 3,154. 3 = 3,000 1 is in the hundreds place. 1=100 5 is in the tenths place 5=50 4 is in the ones place so i think the answer for the value in the ones place =4 If you ask what position is the 1 in 3,154 then its the hundreds place.

Question:I do not know what "Standard Form" is in this context. It is a simple addition problem, but they want it in standard form. Must be new math, at least for me it is.

Answers:a number writtenin standard form (SF) is written in the form: A x 10^n, where a lies between 1 and 10, and n is an integer (whole number) For example: 30,000 = 3 x 10^4 45,000,000 = 4.5 x 10^7. 32000 + 53000000 = 53032000 = 5.3032 x 10^7. Please post the actual problem and someone will give you the correct answer.

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