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Question:This is embarrassing but I'm having trouble helping my 3rd grade daughter do her math homework. I'm really stuck. It says to write an expression AND a number sentence for the problems. The problem is Martha had 10 rocks and gave 4 to a friend. How many does she have left? Well the number sentence will be 10-4=6.....but what in the heck is the expression? Would it just be ten minus four equals six? If that's the case, they definitely didn't give enough room to write all that. Her answer line is literally like this big ________________________________!! Help please. Thank you

Answers:just pick a number and make it a letter (variable) like this , it would be this x - 4 = 6 (: hope i helped and DANG they put to much homework on kids!

Question:Whats a website, besides aaamath.com, that had lessons on it that you would actually TEACH a 3rd grader. for example: "Today we are learing about .......... what is .........? .......means ........" like an actual lesson that a third grade teacher for math would give out that day thanks so much!


Question:How can I teach multiplication and division Fact Families in a creative way?

Answers:you can have the kids make little paper houses and right the division and multiplication facts on the house and have them study them or quiz them on them or you can have like partners with two kids in each work together on a small poster and one kid does multiplication and the other does division then have them share there set of numbers with the class then hang them up and do a little with them everyday then you can give them a treat for whoever can remember a certain amount of factors in a certain amount of time (sorry its so long but hope it helps and hope you understand what im talking about)

Question:I have a 3rd grade math qestion? There are 68 third grade students at Central Grade School. There are 4 fewer girls than boys in the third grade. How many third grade girls are there? OK I can't get this or my daughter isnt there not enough info, or I'm just overly tired! AHhh Thanks so much!

Answers:32 girls and 36 boys Let x = number of boys Let y = number of girls y = x - 4 68 = x + y 68 = x + x - 4 72 = 2x x = 36 y = 36 - 4 y = 32 Or the simplest way would be to divide 68 by 2 and substract 2 from 34 and add 2 to the other 34.

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