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3D Rad

3D Rad is a freeware development tool used to create 3D games, interactive 3D applications and physics-based simulations for Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7. Works created with 3D Rad can be delivered to the final user as a stand-alone applications or web-based applets.

Specifically designed with computer graphics artists and non-coders in mind, 3D Rad aims to provide the simplest developing workflow possible, without sacrificing flexibility. The editor is based on a collection of components (called 'objects') that can be combined and configured to interact in various ways. Without writing any code, goals like opening a door when a character approaches or avoiding obstacles with a car while following a race track, can be easily achieved.

By supporting physics as a ready-to-use property of certain object types, and by providing special 'event' objects to implement conditional and/or interactive behavior without having to learn a programming language, 3D Rad allows the creation of complex projects with minimal scripting.

In line with its extreme object-oriented design, 3D Rad supports scripting (via AngelScript). User-created scripts can be handled as re-usable modules which can be applied to and interact with other objects, including other scripts.

Visual Editor

Visual editing is almost entirely mouse-driven. Object types that are based on geometry (static/animated meshes, physics objects) can be visually combined in a preview of the scene. Supplementary object types such as forces, joints, springs and wheels can also be visually configured by, for example, orienting an intensity vector or setting joint locations and axes. Visual editing is also supported for certain event-objects, tracing detection zones for example.

3D File Format

3D Rad supports 3D models in DirectX file format (.x file extension). Supported texture formats are BMP, JPG, DDS, PNG, TGA. 3D animations can be bone (skeletal) based or frame-by-frame based. Multiple animation sets are supported.


The object type 'SkinMesh' is the primary means by which user-created 3D models, from terrains to animated characters, can be rendered by using a full set of integrated shaders designed to seamlessly work together. Effects like reflection, refraction, glow, plasma and bump mapping can be enabled for imported geometry by selecting a shader from a drop down list and/or setting numeric parameters on the property dialog. The lighting model supports directional light, point lights, per-pixel shading, volumetric shadows, light-maps, shadow-maps and fog.

Visual Effects

A variety of special effects such as fire, smoke, lens flares or animated water are supported by specialized object types (e.g. particle emitters, sprites) that are usually combined with user-created meshes or images. Post-processing effects like bloom, blur, can be enabled by configuring camera objects.

View Modes

1st-person and 3rd-person view modes are supported. 3rd-person chasing cameras can automatically avoid obstacles and are implemented by being visually placing on the scene. Multiple switchable cameras, split screen and various built-in camera-shaking effects are available.

Artificial Intelligence

CPU controlled cars are natively supported as special objects that can be 'plugged' to user created virtual cars. Simple character A.I. can be achieved by visually combining objects. For more complex artificial intelligence behavior, scripting is advisable.

Network and Multiplayer

3D Rad supports a complete set of network functions (via scripting) that can be used in real-time on a remotely connected PC, a simulation processed on the local machine, to exchange textual strings between connected computers, to download artwork from a remote server and implement generic multi-player functions.

Sound Effects and Music

Sound files in .wav or .ogg format can be either used as 3d sound emitters in virtual space or as 'global' stereo sounds typically used for background music and interface sfx.

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Question:How to make 3D water cycle project for the class III project ?

Answers:A tank of water is heated (heat lamp to represent the sun), the steam (the cloud of evaporation) is funnelled through a cooling coil and water drips (rain) from the end of the coil and back into the tank, so beginning the water cycle over again. Use a painted backdrop on which explaining sign can also be stuck. You could speed up the evaporation process by placing a spirit lamp or bunsen burner beneath the metal water tank (as well as using the heat lamp for effect)

Question:my science teacher said that we have to do a 3d water cycle model for our final grade and i'm freaking out

Answers:Draw a simple sea with waves, a few clouds above the sea. Then a mountain beside the sea which is just a bump on the earth and a few clouds on top of it that give off rain. A few trees on the mountain and rivers leading back to the sea should do the work :)

Question:Hey guys... our teacher told us we can earn extra marks in science if we hand in a 3d Water Cycle model... I really need some ideas and help... can someone please help out... any help would be greatly appreciated!... thanks a milliion =)

Answers:What I have as a vision for the water cycle is a sea on one side and a mountain on the other side (with a lake in it), a river flowing in between and clouds on top. You Could use Sponge for making the clouds (I Guess dip it in white paint to make it look white) and maybe have it slanting toward the mountain. You could pour water on the sponge and it could drip like rain. For rivers you could use transparent plastic tubes which can show water flowing down.. You could have a funnel from the lake to channel the water into the river. The rest can be a representative set-up to depict a water cycle.Maybe have a blue background to it all with labels for each. I hope you want to build an actual model of this and hence these ideas. Though not very innovative I hope these could help you make one.

Question:My science teacher told us to make a 3D model of the water cycle. But the problem is I have no creativity. Does anybody have any helpful ideas/tips that they would like to share? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks! I know I can make a mobile, what I need is how to make it. What can I do to represent the clouds,rain,water,etc

Answers:You could make a mobile

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3d Walk Cycle and Water Splash :3d Walk Cycle and Water Splash. And I am back with animation! Woo! Made in Blender 3D :D

The water cycle - Britanimation :3D animation of the water cycle. If you enjoyed this video please visit: www.britanimation.com to see more of our work. Thanks for watching.