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3d model of an oxygen atom

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Question:I have styrafoam balls for the protons, neutrons, and electrons but what can I use to make the energy levels (rings) around the neuculus? It either needs to be able to hang from the celeing or on a stand. If on a stand, what should the stand be made of? Thanks!

Answers:You can probably cut rings from cardboard. Attach string to hang from the ceiling.


Answers:colored styrofoam balls held together with toothpicks or straws

Question:Hey guys, I'm trying to work on a school Chemistry project. The thing I have to do is make a 3-D model of the periodic table. I also have to organize it by how big the atom is. I been trying to figure out what I can use for the atoms (they don't have to look like atoms). What item can I use that can get bigger 103 times (number of elements on the periodic table that I have to use) that will be manigable on like a poster board. I hope I explained this in a good way. Thanks guys!!

Answers:You could also use O shaped items since atoms do have electrons going around a field with the protons and neutrons in the middle, you could always fill something in to the middles of the 0s to represent the protons and neutrons. Afterall, the more protons, the bigger the atom, so the higher up the periodic table you got, the more dots you could have in the middle. You could use frosting or toothpaste, or even little things that looked like dots in the middle. Start with tiny rubber sealers that they use for connecting pipes or like fish tank tubing from Home Depot, those little rubber bands they make you put on your braces, or something, then go to spaghetios, cheerios and fruit loops, plastic rings, then onion rings, jelly bracelets, . . I'm trying to think of other o shaped items. Toilet paper tubes cut with scissors, rubber bands, bolts, Too bad it has to be on poster board. . . then you could use some really creative things like innertubes, hula hoops, glow bracelets and necklaces, You could also use different sized rocks, since these seem to be readily available in different sizes. You could use sand, then little tiny rocks, gravel, etc. . This would be a bit heavy, so I'd do it on a piece of plywood if you had any after spray painting it a cool color. Last idea: If you wanted to make it humorous and had some time and wanted to make this last a long time rather than just for this one assignment, you could represent each atom with a miniature figurine. Like. . .Helium could be a really tiny He-man figurine (or just the head) and Einsteinium (if you have to go that high) could be giant Einstien head. Copper (CU) could be a little dog from that movie "Fox and the Hound". . . Oxygen could be a little blue ox from paul bunyan or just an ox figurine. I know it would take forever to find all the pieces, but if you were a teacher or something wanting a cool display it would be worth it. Check out the element song while you are at it. You might get some ideas here for images.

Question:I would deeply appreciate creative or weird, or crazy ideas for a model of an atom P.S. I need the nucleous to show all the electrons and stuff, it can't just be a circle

Answers:Check this one out. We used it and my son got an A How to make a helium atom model http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1046660/how_to_build_a_helium_atom_model.html?cat=58

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3D Model of Oxygen :3d model of Oxygen in action.

Argon Atom 3D Project :Argon atom Atomic Symbol: Ar Atomic Number: 18 Atomic Mass 39.948 (40) Uses used in electric light bulbs and in fluorescent tubes at a pressure of about 3 mm, photo tubes, glow tubes, etc. used as an inert gas shield for arc welding and cutting blanket for the production of titanium and other reactive elements protective atmosphere for growing silicon and germanium cystals, lasers, light bulbs, electric light bulbs and fluorescent tubes, photo tubes, glow tubes, welding, cutting, as a protective gas for other substances. Recipe: - Styrofoam balls (38 mm), painted yellow. (Michaels stores) - Modeling wire (Aaron Brothers stores) - The core ball is also a Styrofoam ball a little bigger (Michaels stores) - Cotton red/green balls (Michaels stores) - Glue - Oxygene - Jean Michel Jarre as background Music :)