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Question:I need around 15.


Question:The car starts easily and shifts easily (automatic transmission), but feels like it wants to stall while idling in drive (as if at a stop light) - sort of lurching. What could be the problem? Also, the steering seems tight - is that normal?

Answers:FIRST the automatic transmission used for that car is a very short lived transmission compared to all the others for that era. The transmission has a oiling cooling problem that nobody has come up with a fix for. I suggest you find a stick or a manual pats car so you can convert it to a stick when the tans goes out. Its an easy conversion and costs 1500 less than a rebuilt transmission. SECOND the timing belts on the "e"(eta) motors are one of a few cars out there when the timing belt breaks every valve will collide with the pistons junking the motor in a fraction of a second. I tell people to change the belt even if the last owner swears up and down that the belt was just changed and he has receipts to back it up. Its that important. Also the water pump and timing belt tensioner must be changed at the time the timing belt is changed. Once you have done that your good for 50K. Don't get me wrong the 528 is one of the very few good BMWs has built in the last 25 years or so. They are nothing like the junk BMW has been pumping out since the late 80't into the 90's change over from gold to stinky cow manure. It may not look like its going 100mph sitting still and not have all the cool toys or great acceleration. BUT if you get that car you will not have huge repair bills unlike all the models BMW builds today. Oh and also they are extrememly safe they rival even todays airbagged up newer BMWs. Ok back adding on. The idle problem is probably a simple repair as all the old BMWs are usually a simple inexpensive repair. The only costly problem could be the intake gaskets(s) might be bad. The last two cylinders closest to the firewall are the usual ones. My first guess would be the idle control system, this system consists of a idle pulse motor located under the hood and a idle control box (electronic) located in the glove box area up high. As to the steering seeing tight as in the wheel is hard to turn with the car is stopped. Well that not unusual and is not a sign that the power steering will fail soon I have never seen the power steering completely fail on an old bmw yet. And I have seen/worked on and lot of BMWs over the years. One thing that you can try is to replace the power steering filter. Even tho I am an expert I am drawing a blank on what type the 84 has. I believe the filter is built in the fluid reservoir (all plastic) and is a replacement item reservoir and all. I might be the other style where the filer is down deep in the (metal) reservoir. the fluid must be drained out and the top filer screen must be removed in order to even see the thing. Then there is a big spring and a metal cap that hold the filer down tight. Once you get the filter out it looks like something you would never guess it was a filter. ANYways in both cases the filters can clog up and cause the steering to seem heavy. BUT don't worry I have not seen a BMW of that era ever have a complete messy oil failure.

Question:1.what does julia bring with her tht was obtaind from the black market? 2.what is juliea's philosophy? 3.what is significance of the thrush music? 4.what do winston and julia disagree about? 5.what pleasures of the senses are mentioned in this chapter and why are they mentioned? 6.what do the sound of the church bells means to winston, why is he interested? 7.what does winston remember about his family ad his relationship with his mother? 8.what does winston realize about love and loyalty as a result of his dream? 9.what is the difference between confession and betrayal? 10.contrast the living quarters of the inner party members, the outer party members and the proles? 11.how does o'brien test julia and winston? 12.what informatino does o'brien give them about the brotherhood? 13.how will o'brien get the book to winston? 14.what are the ways the inner party builds up spirit during hate week? 15.why does orwell include detailded passages from goldstein's book? 16.what three classes of pple have always exsisted? 17.what is the purpose of war in 1984? 18.what are the two aims of the party? 19.what are the two problems with which the party is concerned? 20.what is the real "war" fought in each of the three governments? 21.what are the three aims of the three groups? 22.what are the three groups? 23.how is a person's class determined in the 1984 world? 24.what is doublethink and what is its purpose to the ruling class? 25.why is mutability of the past important to the ruling class? 26.why will this ruling class live on while earlier tyrants fell? 27.what understanding does winston gain about the common people? 28.what is the significance of the glass paperweight here? i didn't read the book, so try and help me out with at least a few questions for my test ? thnx

Answers:1. Do your own homework, you doubleplusungood crimethinker. 2. See 1. 3. See 1. ... 28. See 1.

Question:1. what gets passed to winston on his way to the bathroom. where do the two end up meeting. 2. what countries are contained within the political entity caled oceania. 3. what is the golden country. 4. why is winston in the ministry of love. 5. what is room 101. 6. who commits an act of kindness in the ministry of love. please answer what you know i have a test on this 2morrow.

Answers:Its been a good 6 or so months since i read the book so I cant quiet remember. My suggestion is that you head on over to SparkNotes. They have some great information. http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/1984 Hope that helps. Mal :-)