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11th grade english questions and answers

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Question:i'm only taking three classes my 11th grade year they are pre-cal, spanish 2, and p.e. ..the reason why i'm only taking three classes is because my school doesn't offer the classes i know i need ........so i decide to take a course at a community college ....i was also thinking about taking ap english but i don't see the need to take ap english if i'm taking english 1a and english 1b at a community college..........what is your advice what do you think colleges and universities will think of my decision i've aready finished my history and science credits through night school ..........

Answers:Class of 2010 I'm a junior as well, and know a few students who take other courses are a community college/ university. Although they only take one or two classes there... if you do well in your classes at the community college it may help you but then again they may be a little sketchy. It all depends on the university.

Question:I hae this question for my US History home work this is the question. Now that the war between france and england is wover, what era will come to an end? what policy will the english have on the resources to enforce? my answers to the qestion are the era that came to an end is france holding land in america and canada. and taxation is the policy. am i right?

Answers:Yes you are right. France loses its position in the New World, but Britain's standing also begins to crumble. Britain begins to tax the colonists to make up for its debt, but also places a number of restrictions on the colonies and tightens its hold (i.e. Proclamation of 1763, end of salutary neglect)

Question:Hi, I'm a junior and I'm in the advanced Language/English class. I went to do my homework and I was stumped. If this question is too hard for you, overwhelms or confuses you, it's ok. I understand. What is a noun? THANKS FOR HELPING!!! wow! You guys are soo smart! With your help I'll get into a junior College! THANKS!

Answers:Reggie s English Mini-Lessons--Parts of Speech: Nouns QUESTION: What is a Noun? REGGIE SAYS: A noun is a person, place, thing, or idea. Guided example: The quick brown fox jumped over Danny's lazy dog. Is quick a person, place or thing? No. What about brown? no. Fox? yes. a fox is a "thing." Jumped? Not a person, place, thing, or idea. Over? nope. Danny? yes. Danny is a person. Lazy? not a person, place, or thing. dog? yes. this is a thing. So nouns: fox, Danny, dog. You try these, and no fair peeking until you've done them yourself: 1) The man told Alexander to run because the bear was coming. 2) Many people tried, but failed, to board the ship because the vessel had sailed for England. Answer: 1) man, Alexander, bear 2) people, ship, vessel, England Assignment: do any problems you have assigned in your book. OR go to any newspaper and find the nouns in any sentence. --Reggie

Question:I know this is random, but it's for a book i'm writing. I need a few differant 11th grade science questions that aren't terribly confusing and long. I just can't think of any off of the top of my head. Please be serious with responses. Thanks in advance for answer and help (: I need the answers to the questions too(:

Answers:"A mutation is a ___ in a species" "What is the chemical makeup of Water?" "A scientist is studying the effects of the location of a nest to the mortality rate of a species of young birds. What is the dependent variable in this experiment?" "What are the stages of mitosis in cells?" I'm only in 10th grade, but those are the kind of questions I am asked.

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11th grade English project :Peter and Matt's 11th grade english project on FDR. Filming by Dan.

11th Grade English Project :Parody of The Catcher in the Rye, The Crucible, and A Street Car Named Desire all in one.