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Question:English 11 (Dual Credit -- get credit with college -- NOT AP) Algebra 2 AP Biology Chemistry American History Psychology/Sociology (Psych for one semester, Sociology the other semester) SAT Prep Class I need to get all A's this year to qualify for a scholarship. Can you give me good advice on how to maintain focus on school work and not on social life? On how to pass the SAT and ACT? How to stay organized? Thank you!! Your help is greatly appreciated!

Answers:You have a great schedule. Looks pretty challenging to me. Just study hard and keep track of your days. Use an agenda book to keep track of your homework assignments, important exam dates, presentations, projects, etc. Focusing on school work is great, but you need to have somewhat of a social life too to balance your schedule. Too much school work can burn you out and then you won't perform as well in school. For the SAT's and ACT's, just keep doing practice questions. Practice questions are the best way to prepare. Sometimes the questions will reappear on your exam because every once in a while a past question will appear. My SAT had a question that I had on my PSAT. You're also in pretty good shape taking an SAT Prep Class because it will show the tricks to doing well. I'd also recommend www.number2.com. It's a great website that will give you SAT and ACT prep for free. I've starting using it too. It gives you some basic information and some tricks. It breaks the 3 main sections of the SAT into subsections (ex: math they have arithmetic, algebra, geometry, etc). Also, you can take a couple of SAT practice tests. You could take a book out of the library (though this is usually a whole prep book and that might just be too much for you at once) or you can go online to www.collegeboard.com. I know that there's one SAT practice test. I'm not sure if the ACT has a practice test, but you could do the ACT question of the day, every day if you wanted to. I hope this helps! Good luck with your Junior year!

Question:i am writing a story about an 11th grader. what to 11th graders now a days learn in english class? what types of things do they learn that are boring? i really need help. another question. what class would you read a book in? like the holocaust? or any other books? reading? english lit.? history? also give book suggestions? preferably boring book suggestions. not that the holocaust is boring. it isnt at all.

Answers:english lit. shakespeare (macbeth), anthology of poetry, or poetry in general (William Wordsworth) i did the great gatsby in 11th grade and hated it.

Question:Okay, so I'm writing a book. Basically, I just need an idea for an 11th grade English project because that's how the book begins. With the characters working on a project. I can't start my book without this, so if you have any ideas, please help me Have a nice day :)

Answers:In grade 11 we had to do a lot of drama presentations (which I hated). We had to dramatize/modernize Macbeth, the Shakespeare piece we were reading. Most classes do this in Grade 11 and it's a good "group work" situation.

Question:I am an 11th grade English teacher and we are now in the mythology unit. I usually have some packets of myths up on the front table for my kids to take read, but I can't find any on their level. I looked them up on google and didn't have any luck. What I am looking for is a link to a website of myths, maybe about a page or a couple pages long to just print out. Prefferably just the myth, (no bullet facts at the top) The level of the myths does not have to be 11th grade reading level. Just not too childish. Greek, Roman nand Egyptian mythology please! Anything you can find that fits my description at all will help me! Thank you!

Answers:I would have them read Edith Hamilton's Mythology book, or perhaps the Iliad and the Odyssey. That is what I have to do over the summer for my 9th grade pre-IB english class.

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The Preview of the Movie "11th Grade English" :This is our Final Engligh Project for 11th grade, and we decided to go with a Movie preview of (almost) all the dramatic parts of the novels. Books include, The Sun Also Rises, The Scarlet Letter, The Great Gatsby, Moby Dick, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Crucible. Enjoy!

hell 11th grade english project :heh this video was one the funniest vidz i made with my friends/ classmates. i made this back in 11th grade with them about 3 years ago? (ronald reagan high school, san antonio, texas) lol i donno and we made this in collaboration with the book "The Crucible" so you know it talks about going to hell if you don't believe in god and such (i donno i can't really remember the book lawl) but something of the sorts so just enjoy the funny vid! :P and don't complain or be rude please. i'll just delete ur comments or something =3= and yes.. i'm the 2nd girl lol that sings XD and we have a few texan references that only ppl that have either lived there or gone there know about lol (HEB XD)