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Question:cos45 ___________________ sec30 + cosec30 people please solve it step by step so that i can understand............. thanyou it's answer is 3root2 -root6 ___________ 8 i jus wanna kno it's sollution....... n plz don giv any rude answers

Answers:cos45 = 1/ root 2 sec 30 = 2 / root 3 cosec 30 = 2 1/ root 2 ------------------ 2/root3 + 2 = root3/ root2 ------------ 2+ 2 root3 multiplying both sides by 2 - 2 root3, i.e. rationalization we get =2 root3 - 6 ------------- root2 ( 4 - 12) = 6 - 2 root3 --------------- 8 root2 = 3 root2 - root6 -------------------- 8 = answer

Question:A jeweler has bars of 18 carat gold and 12 carat gold. how much of each must be melted together to obtain a bar of 16 carat gold,weighing 120 gms? It is given that pure gold is 120 gms

Answers:Hi, x + y = 120 18x + 12y = 16(120) x + y = 120 18x + 12y = 1920 -12(x + y = 120) 18x + 12y = 1920 -12x - 12y = -1440 18x + 12y = 1920 ---------------------------- 6x = 480 x = 80 Use 80 grams of 18 carat gold and 40 grams of 12 carat gold. <==ANSWER If you put the carats to be mixed on a number line along with the final mixture, an interesting pattern occurs, which also solves the problem. 12 13 14. 15 16. 17 18. 19 carats -+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+- . ----------- -- . . . . . . 4 . . . . . . . . .2 . --------------------- . . . . . . . .6 12 carats is 4/6 or 2/3 of the distance away from the mixture at 16 carats, while 18 carats is only 2/6 or 1/3 of the distance away from the mixture at 16 carats. Switch these fractional amounts to find out that you will need 1/3 of the final mixture to be 12 carat and 2/3 of it needs to be 18 carat. 1/3 x 120 = 40 grams of 12 carat 2/3 x 120 = 80 grams of 18 carat I hope that helps!! :-)

Question:Can i find those questions in test series, sample papers,etc? My maths is very weak please tell me tricks by which maths board exam can become easy for me. Thank you.

Answers:Hey yaar..! I gave ma 10th examz this year...nd i got 100 too.. Frm my experience i assure u that therez nothing that u r weak in maths and all,,,.. ITz just u have to work hard in math.. Now 1ly u r steppin in 10th so don't worry about the boards now itself..! .. Just Make urself kewl.. esp dont allow the exam pressure to be coagulated on u,,! The board math paper vil be damn easy.. If u had prepared well ,, u just need to concentrate on NCERT questions .. WOrk out everything in ur book... nd do wok out Books lyk R.D.Sharma.. Evergreen.. nd all too..But remember FIRST NCERT..! During ur revision examz work many Sample papers .. see if u can manage time..! thats very important..! So U just understand the concept ,,, Practice..If u dont understand learn frm teachers.. Don't work out Optional exercises given in ur text nd all .. Itz a utter tym waste nothin will be asked..! I vil tell some chapters to concentrate more on..In which thr is maximum weightage.. -- Linear eqn in 2 variable nd Quadratic equn.. ! they r very imp esp word probs nd 3 mark sums u need to concentrate --Coordinate geometry,, is very imp it may seem to be easy in text but pay more attention to it.. ! -- Trigonometry nd heights nd Distances is also vital,, -- lastly in triangles.. nd Circles u need to have the thermos in ur finger tips..! Itz really very imp.! -- Surface area nd volumes ... Area related to cricle .. may seem to b tough coz of the numerical but they a very easy to solve... in boards mostly T.B questions r asked..! -- Statistics nd probability is a bit new to u but they r very easy.. In statistics concentrate on Graph nd the mean median nd mode sum nd also find the missing frequency sums,,! -- Lastly the 1st two chapters r not that important they r generally asked in 1 mark nd 2 mark 1ly so do all sum but dont waste tym thr,,! Lastly don't ever ignore example sums... In out math paper we got 3 such sums so do concentrate thm..! ........ Thats It yaar Ur math is completed..!! ...SO just relax math is a lot easy 1ly thing u need to concentrate nd practice.. nd lastly u need luv math to excel in it ,,! Don't eva b afraid of math itz the easiest in whole 10th.. I swear..!! All the very best 4 ur boards..! Kavitha

Question:please help me !!!! i need maths questions cbse board

Answers:not only caN YOU GET HOT QUESTION BUT MORE http://www.indiastudychannel.com/exams/index.aspx?SubjectId=1396

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CLASS 10th MAHARASTRA STATE BORD SSS :Details study of textual matter of subject : Science-1, Science 2 , Algebra, Geometry, History, Civics, Geography, Economics. Marathi Grammar, English Grammar , Sanskit Grammar, Basic Maths Concepts Details study of textual matter of subject : Science-1, Science 2 , Algebra, Geometry, History, Civics, Geography, Economics. Marathi Grammar, English Grammar , Sanskit Grammar, Basic Maths Concepts. Home Revise Series for 10th English Medium. Enjoy study His difficult subjects will become easier for him Content of Home Revise 1. Every subject has a. Information by moderators b. Lesson wise marks distribution c. Proper pattern & paper presents d. Scheme of marking e. Time management 2. Every lesson has a. Introduction b. All question & answers from inside & outside book 3. Every answer has a. Explanation of basic concepts b. Constructed by board moderators c. Board model answer pattern d. Easy language & Indian accent e. Story type (small animated movies of all answers) f. Pictures, Diagrams, animation about 18000 g. Use of music h. Coolers according to students psychology Point wise answers Important points are highlighted on the screen Chapter List: 1. Classification of Elements 2. Electrolysis 3. Strength of Solutions 4. Current Electricity 5. Effects of Electric Current 6. Energy Sources 7. Types of Energy 8. Power 9. Sound 10. Heat 11. Light 12. Modern Physics 13. Metals and Non-metals 14. Compounds of Metals and Non-metals 15. Chemistry of Carbon Compounds 16. Food ...

10th Grade math. * :Good old daays.before everything.first met n the class.