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Question:hey u all intelligent people...do u know the name of the polygon with 100 sides...


Question:It's an extra credit question for my high schooll geometry class. I can find websites with them listed by the tens and such, but to get full credit I need all of them. Does anyone know of a website with all of the names? I've been searching for hours XD Or if you know them all you could just type them right here but something tells me that no one would

Answers:Instead of relying on the web to give you a full list, how about learning HOW the polygons get their names, then using that same pattern of prefixes to derive them? The first few of course are triangle, quadrilateral (no, not necessarily square, rectangle, or parallelogram), pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, etc. So once you get to polygons of 5 sides or more, you use a Greek number prefix, followed by "~gon". So for example, a polygon with 23 sides is an icosikaitrigon (icosi + kai + tri = "twenty and three").

Question:If you know something tell me a website,or make me a list of the names from 1 to 100 sides of polygons. it would be better if you make a list instead of referring me to a site. thank you very much P.S. i need it asap ^^

Answers:Wikipedia is best by far. It's going to be a pain typing down all the 20-99 sided ones, sorry. But they have a list where you just add the 'tens' and 'ones' together *Eg. icosi(20)-hena(01)-gon = 21.* Just go to the following link and scroll down to "Naming Polygons" and there you'll have the list: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polygons Hahah, hope that helps : D Juicebox


Answers:Pentadecagon or Pentakaidecagon Let me give you a list: n polygon 2 digon 3 triangle (trigon) 4 quadrilateral (tetragon) 5 pentagon 6 hexagon 7 heptagon 8 octagon 9 nonagon (enneagon) 10 decagon 11 hendecagon (undecagon) 12 dodecagon 13 tridecagon (triskaidecagon) 14 tetradecagon (tetrakaidecagon) 15 pentadecagon (pentakaidecagon) 16 hexadecagon (hexakaidecagon) 17 heptadecagon (heptakaidecagon) 18 octadecagon (octakaidecagon) 19 enneadecagon (enneakaidecagon) 20 icosagon 30 triacontagon 40 tetracontagon 50 pentacontagon 60 hexacontagon 70 heptacontagon 80 octacontagon 90 enneacontagon 100 hectogon 10000 myriagon