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Question:how much does 100 meters equal to squarefeet

Answers:100 sq. meters is 1075.84 sq. ft. (1 sq. meter is 10.76 sq. ft).

Question:how much is 100 square meter in square feet?

Answers:To turn from square meters to square feet, here the principal conversion is: 100 square meters = 1076, 39104 square feet 1 square meter = 10.7639104 square feet If you want to turn operations of this type, visit page is with good convertor: http:/ www.metric-conversions.org/area/square-meters-to-square-feet.htm I hope that it serves my explanation you, bye-bye! =).


Answers:A running foot is used to measure something of constant width (Examples: Wallpaper = 46.5 cm, Carpeting = 12 ft, etc.) and varies from item to item. So when you're talking about a "running foot" of some item you're really talking about an area 1 ft x width of item. Thus in order to determine what 1 running foot is you need to know the width of what you are trying to measure.

Question:How much is 3000 square feet to square meters? convertt!

Answers:hi =] its 914.4 hope this helped