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Question:I need to know the answer and see the work...

Answers:100m*100cm/1m=10000cm because there are 100 cm in a meter the meters cancel and leaves with you 100*100*cm which equals 10000cm


Answers:2.5 x 100 = 250

Question:Isn't it 100 centimeters? I'm not that sure. Thank you:D

Answers:The easiest way to remember that is think of... Killer K=Kilo Hippos H=Hecto Die D=Deka By B=Base like meter,liter, and gram Drinking D=Deci Chocolate C=Centi Milk M=Milli everytime you move up one add a zero on the back and everytime you go down take off a zero.

Question:math homework

Answers:one meter equals 100 centimeters this is shown becuase the prefix "centi" means 100, as used in CENTury.