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1 Crore How Many Millions

In mathematics the number system can be very interesting and fascinating to learn. There are various number systems. Each one of them has its properties. So, it is necessary to study them carefully. 
The natural and the whole number systems are the basic ones. 
The number zero is present in the whole number system but this is not the case with the natural number system. 
The presence of zero makes a difference between the two types of systems. 

When one studies these types of systems many question arise and they have to be answered. 
One of the questions is that in 1 crore how many millions can be there.
For this question to be answered one must understand what is a crore and what is a million and only then this question can be answered. 
The difference is only in the number of zeros and this makes the whole difference in the value. These numbers start with and end zeros.
This means that the number 1 is succeeded by several zeros. 
The count of zeroes is different in these numbers. The number ten contains only one zero preceded by one. The number hundred contains two zeroes and thousand contains three zeroes. The difference in the count of zeroes changes the whole value of the number. 
So, the count of zeroes plays a very important role in deciding the value of the number.

Ten thousand contains four zeroes and one lakh contains five zeroes. The number ten lakh contains six zeroes and is termed as one million. Now ten count of ten lakh form a crore, so from this fact one can easily understand that there can ten ‘millions’ in a crore. 
So, the question 1 crore how many millions can be answered this way if one has the basic understanding of the number system. In mathematics concepts play a very important.

The basic concepts have to be strong and only then tougher problems can be solved. To solve tough problems a lot of practice is required. But the question like 1 crore how many millions was simple to answer because this was based only on the basic understanding of the numbers system and did not require any calculations or application of mathematical formulae as such. But this may not be the case always.

There are lot of formulae in the subject of mathematics. Their knowledge and application play a very crucial role in finding the solution to the problems. The solution to the problems can be easily found out if one knows the formulae and their application. 
Just knowing the formulae would not be sufficient. This is because of the fact proper application in different situations is more important. 
Anybody can learn the formulae but their application cannot be taught. It can be learnt only with practice.

So, the subject of mathematics requires lot of practice. But once the formulae and concepts are clear any complex problem can be solved.
In addition these problems can be solved in quick time. Time is a very important factor while finding the solution to the problems.
This is a very competitive world and solution to complex problems can be found by many but the question who can the solution in the least amount of time. So, one who can find the solution in least amount of time will be the winner.

So, one must focus on solving the problems quickly. This is possible only if the concepts are clear and the application of these concepts is known. This comes only through practice. 
Practice helps in understanding the problems and the application of concepts.