Karnataka State Board 8 Science and Maths Combo DVD

Karnataka State Board 8 Science and Maths Combo DVD

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Mathematics is the subject that requires constant practice. This is one subject that also requires the concepts to be taught in a method that is easy for the children to understand. However, with less time available with parents and teachers, the pressure is transferred to the child to excel in this subject, without much help. Edurite’s Class 8 Mathematics DVD for Karnataka State board is designed keeping in mind the child’s needs for simple and easy to understand explanation of the concepts, exercises that are not boring and assessment methods that can help in self-evaluation for the children.



Science is a subject that intrigues children and class 8 is a time when the concepts form a base for all their future studies. It is at this stage that children must be introduced to concepts in such a way that they imprint themselves in one’s memory and retain for a long time. Class 8 Science DVD for Karnataka State board is designed with animations and interactive exercises that help the child strengthen the concepts learnt and also evaluate themselves to improve further.


 Mathematics  Science
1  Playing with Numbers 1 Our Natural Resources
2  Squares, Square Roots, Cubes, Cube Roots 2  Study of Our Environment
3  Rational Numbers 3  Structure of Atom
4  Commercial Arithmetic 4  More about Atoms
5  Statistics 5  Study of Cells
6  Algebraic Expressions 6  Classification of Living Organisms
7  Factorisation 7  The World of Microbes
8  Linear Equations in One Variable 8  Describing Motion
9  Exponents 9  Force and Newton's Laws of Motion
10  Introduction to Graphs 10  Energy and its Forms
11  Axioms, Postulates and Theorems 11  Chemical Reactions and their Types
12  Theorems on Triangles 12  Chemicals in Our Daily Life - 1
13  Congruency of Triangles 13  Chemicals in Our Daily Life - 2
14  Construction of Triangles 14  World of Sounds
15  Quadrilaterals 15  Heat
16  Mensuration 16  States of Matter
    17  Our Colourful World
    18  Food and its Constituents
    19  Digestion and Respiration
    20  Reproduction in Higher Plants
    21  Communication Gadgets
    22  Food Production : Soil and Water Management
    23  Evolution of Life
    24  Beyond the Earth



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