Karnataka State Board 6 Science and Maths Combo DVD

Karnataka State Board 6 Science and Maths Combo DVD

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Numbers need not give you nightmares anymore. Edurite’s DVD for mathematics makes the concepts easy to understand and learn for anyone who frets mathematics or finds it a little challenging. The Karnataka State board DVD for Class 6 mathematics contains animations and interactive exercises to help children strengthen the concepts learnt in the classroom. Not only do the exercises help the child to learn, but also test their knowledge of the concepts. Therefore, this becomes a tool for self analysis and helps bring the improvement every parent looks forward to.


Science is a very interesting subject that gets every child to explore and learn. Class 6 is the time in every child’s life when they start taking keen interest towards many topics and only need more information and encouragement to help them learn and grow. It is in class 6 that children are introduced to various topics that form a foundation for all their future studies. This is made possible through our animated and interactive DVD that helps the child learn the concepts and retain them in their memory for many years to come.


 Mathematics   Science
1  Numbers 1  Habitat
2  Fundamental Operations 2  Body Organization in Organisms
3  Whole Numbers 3  Elements and Compounds
4  Integers 4  Separation of Substances from Mixtures
5  Basic Geometrical Concepts 5  Conductors and Insulators
6  2D and 3D Shapes 6  Measuring Devices
7  Data Handling 7  Food
8  Playing with Numbers 8  Water
9  Fractions 9  Soil
10  Decimals 10  Combustible Substances and Fire Extinguishers
11  Introduction to Algebra 11  Speed and Velocity
12  Ratio and Proportion 12  The Earth - A Living Planet
13  Symmetry 13  Atmosphere
14  Constructions 14  Natural Calamities
15  Mensuration 15  Phases of the Moon
    16  Eclipses



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DVD-ROM Drive, Audio Device



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