CBSE Class 2 Environmental Science (1 CD Pack)

CBSE Class 2 Environmental Science (1 CD Pack)

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CBSE Class 2 Environmental Science


Learn important concepts related to the world around us, plants, animals, the human body, means of transport and important inventions with our CDs. Our CDs have been designed and created by experts in the field of education to  make learning an easy and fun-filled experience. 
What to find in our CDs:
1. Detailed explanations for the  topics in the chapters
2. Interactive quizzes, animations and voice overs to develop an interest in the subject.
3. Solved questions and answers in chapters.
List of chapters covered in our Environmental Science CD:

  1 About Me
  2 How My Body Works
  3 My Body Needs Food
  4 My Family
  5 People Who Help Us
  6 Transport
  7 Our Neighbourhood
  8 Festivals
  9 Plants Around Me
  10 Animal Around Me
  11 Our Earth
  12 Time
  13 The Seasons
  14 How the Wheel was Invented


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