CBSE Class 4 - Combo (Maths, Science, EVS)

CBSE Class 4 - Combo (Maths, Science, EVS)

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CBSE Class 4 – Combo pack

Edurite’s combo pack for CBSE Class 4 brings to you interactive sessions coupled with quality animations to making learning a fun-filled activity. The contents have been designed keeping in mind the child’s interest and learning capacity by experts who have a significant amount of experience in the field of education.

The unique features that you can find are:

1.       Maximum coverage of the concepts in the chapters.

2.       Simple explanation of the concepts with examples through visual media, aiding better retention.

3.       Animations, interactive activities to strengthen the understanding of concepts.

Here is a list of chapters covered in our Mathematics CD:

    1    Building with Bricks
    2    Long and Short
    3    A Trip to Bhopal
    4    Tick-Tick-Tick
    5    The Way The World Looks
    6    The Junk Seller
    7    Jugs and Mugs
    8    Carts and Wheels
    9    Halves and Quarters>
    10    Play with Patterns
    11    Tables and Shares
    12    How Heavy? How Light?
    13    Fields and Fences
    14    Smart Charts!

List of chapters covered in our Environmental Science CD:

    1    Going to School
    2    Ear to Ear
    3    Basva's Farm
    4    Eating Together
    5    Food and Fun
    6    The Story of Amritha
    7    A Day With Nandu
    8    Anita and the Honey Bees
    9    Hu Hu Tu, Hu Tu Tu
    10    From the Window
    11    The Valley of Flowers
    12    A River's Tale
    13    From Market to Home
    14    Reaching Grandmother's Home
    15    Changing Families
    16    Changing Times
    17    The World in My Home
    18    A Busy Month
    19    Too Much Water, Too Litle Water
    20    Pochampalli
    21    Home and Abroad
    22    Chuskit Goes to School
    23    Abdul in the Garden
    24    Spicy Riddles
    25    Defence Officer - Wahida
    26    Nandita in Mumbai

List of chapters covered in our Science CD:

    1    Living World
    2    Human Body
    3    Our Earth
    4    Materials and Matter
    5    Environment


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