Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi Class 12 PCMB DVD

Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi Class 12 PCMB DVD

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Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi Class 12 PCMB (USB)

Samacheer Kalvi or Tamil Nadu Uniform System of School education is a new educational system which was introduced due to the effort of several senior educationists and educational activists. Based on the Tamil Nadu Uniform System of School Education Act 2010, this newly added system was first implemented in classes I and VI in 2010. This system has brought about uniformity in educational pattern and also makes education effective and affordable to students.
These USBs contain important information about the syllabi of physics, chemistry, math and biology. Each USB represents concerned topics with audio and rich graphics. Relevant questions and answers of each subject are also incorporated in these USBs for the better understanding of students.
Edurite CDs have been designed under the guidance of expert educationalists to make study time interesting.

Some of the features of our products are:

1.    Maximum coverage of the concepts in the chapters

2.    Simple and detailed explanation of the concepts with examples through visual media, aiding better retention.

3.    Animations, interactive activities to strengthen the understanding of concepts.

4.    Work as self-testing tool to measure students’ overall expertise

5.    Basic exam tips make students confident  before tests


Chapter List

 Physics  Chemistry
1 Current Electricity 1 Biomolecules
2 Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current 2 Nuclear Chemistry
3 Electrostatics 3 Surface Chemistry
4 Effects of Electric Current 4 d-Block Elements
5 Nuclear Physics 5 f-Block Elements
6 Electromagnetic Waves and Wave Optics 6 Chemistry in Action
7 Atomic Physics 7 Ethers
8 Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter and Relativity 8 Coordination Compounds and Bio-coordination Compounds
9 Semiconductor Devices and their Applications 9 Chemical kinetics-II
10 Communication Systems 10 Hydroxy Derivatives
    11 Carbonyl Compounds
    12 Carboxylic Acids
    13 Organic Nitrogen Compounds
    14 Isomerism in Organic Chemistry
    15 Atomic Structure-II
    16 Periodic Classification-II
    17 p-Block Elements-II
    18 Solid State-II
    19 Thermodynamics-II
    20 Chemical Equilibrium-II
    21 Electrochemistry-I
    22 Electrochemistry-II
 Mathematics  Botany 
1 Vector Algebra 1 Types of classification
2 Analytical Geometry 2 Dicot Families
3 Applications of Matrices and Determinants 3 Plant Anatomy
4 Complex Numbers 4 Chromosomes
5 Differential Equations 5 Gene and Genome
6 Integral Calculus and its Applications 6 Linkage and crossing over
7 Discrete Mathematics 7 Mutation
8 Probability Distributions 8 Chromosomal Aberrations
9 Differential Calculus Applications-I 9 DNA as a Genetic Material
10 Differential Calculus Applications-II 10 Structural of RNA and its Types
    11 Genetic Code
    12 Biotechnology
   Zoology 13 Enzymes
    14 Photosynthesis
1 Nutrition 15 Respiration
2 Digestion 16 Plant growth
3 Bones and Joints 17 Food Production
4 Respiration 18 Genetically Modified Food
5 Circulation 19 Sustained Agriculture
6 Co-ordination system    
7 Chemical Co-ordination    
8 Receptor Organs    
9 Excretion    
10 Reproduction    
11 Microbiology    
12 Immunology    
13 Human Genetics    
14 Human Population and Explosion Issues    
15 Global Warming: Green House Effect    
16 Waste Management    
17 Biodiversity Conservation    
18 Fresh Water Crisis and Management    
19 Livestock and Management    
20 Apiculture    
21 Medical Lab Techniques    
22 Theories of Evolution    
23 Aquaculture    



Recommended Requirement

Operating System Requirements

Windows-7, Windows-8, Windows-8.1, Windows-10 (x86 & x64) (All Editions Except Starter Edition)

Supported Architectures

32-Bit (x86) & 64-Bit (x64)


Computer that has a 1.6GHz or faster processor

Memory (RAM)

1 GB (32 Bit) or 2 GB (64 Bit) RAM

Graphics Card

DirectX 9 capable video card

Display Screen

1024 x 768 resolution display

Input Device

Keyboard and mouse

Hard Disk Space

5400 RPM hard disk drive with 6GB of available hard disk space or Above


DVD-ROM Drive, Audio Device



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