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Edurite worksheets and Edurite Score More DVD's to help your child learn better.

Creative Edurite Worksheets - Namya

Interesting activities - Krishang

Innovative Images and Animations - Tejas Suresh

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Amar MV

     11 January 2018

The colors engage the kids. Each page has a new activity and can be done in any order.
The kids like the stickers also. Very good product.

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     16 February 2018

5.0 out of 5 stars Must buy for kids!!

This set of three books are excellent. The book is organized very well.
It begins with simple things and gradually becomes more detailed.
At regular intervals there are revision questions and exercises.

The color and pictures make the book very interesting.
The work sheets encourage kids to think and apply what they have learnt.
The best part is that it is in sync with the CBSE syllabus.

I bought this book for my son for two consecutive years and
he just loves it more than his school books.

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Neelu Sharma

     5th July 2011

The DVD/USB content is excellent.
My child loves it and this serves as a good foundation for her academic career.

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Natikar Sammappa

     13 October 2017

Good study material and one more demo class we need.

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Chander Mohan

     31 March 2016

An innovative and good going product.
Very helpful as the wards are occupied as its in video formats.
As in visual formats our wards are noticing even the smallest things.
Very helpful as per the content its resonable too.
Wish to continues with you till my wards schooling. Big thanks .

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     26 April 2016

The product that I have purchased is very good and helpful for my kid.