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Hindi Grammar

Hindi Grammar

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Hindi is our national language and as such it is important that one learns the language along with its grammar correctly. What one needs to achieve this is a strong base of the basic concepts that will help in growing better. To help do so, our expert educationalists have designed this CD to be a one-stop place for assimilating the grammatical concepts and improve on them to learn the language correctly.  

It would be interesting to know that this CD is an all in one package that is designed to cater to a student’s need from Class 1 till Class 12 covering the various concepts comprehensively. Not only children, but also people of all age who want to learn the language can benefit from the lessons incorporated in the CD. One can find interactive exercises and activities that reinforce the learning and also animations that keep them focused on learning with minimal distraction whatsoever.

Chapter List

1.       Figures of Speech(Alankaar)

2.       Article Writing(Anuchhed Lekhan)

3.       unread passage(Apathith Gadyansha)

4.       unread stanza(Apathith Kaayansha)

5.       Correction of incorrect sentences(Ashudda Vaakyon ka Shodhana)

6.       Invariable(Avayaya)

7.       Invariable: Adverb(Avyaya : Kriya-Visheshan)

8.       Invariable: Preposition, conjunction, interjection and all(Avyaya : Sambandhabodhaka, Samucchayabodhaka, Vismayaadibodhak tatha Nipaat)

9.       Language, grammar, dialect and script(Bhasha, Vyakaran, Boli tatha Lipi)

10.   paragraph expression(Bhawa-Pallawana)

11.   Hindi language and its forms(Hindi Bhasa aur Uska Swaroop)

12.   Verb(Kriya)

13.   Verb  - Tense(Kriya : Kaal)

14.   Verb : voice(Kriya : Vaachya)

15.   Some common errors(Kuch Saamaanya Ashuddhiyaan)

16.   Proverb(Lokakthiyaan)

17.   Oral Expression(Moukhika Abhivyakthi)

18.   Phrases(Muhaavare)

19.   Phrases and Proverb(Muhaaware aur Lokokthiyaan)

20.   Essay Writing(Nibandha Lekhan)

21.   syntax(Pad-Vichar)

22.   parsing(Pada-Parichaya)

23.   Phraseology [phrasing](Padabandha)

24.   phrase and sentence(Padabandha tatha Vaakya)

25.   Letter Writing(Pathra Lekhan)

26.   precis(Saara-Lekhan)

27.   Compound(Samaasa)

28.   conjunction(Sandhi)

29.   rules of conjunction(Sandhi ke Niyam)

30.   Types of Factors [noun variable - case](Sangnya-Vikaar : Kaarak)

31.   Types of Genders [noun variable - gender](Sangnya Vikaar : Linga)

32.   noun variable :  number(Sangnya Vikaar : Vachana)

33.   Pronoun(Sarvanam)

34.   part of speech: Based on the meaning(Shabda Bhed : Artha ke Aadhaar par)

35.   part of speech: noun on the basis of grammatical process (Shabda Bhed : Vyakaranika Prakaarya ke Aadhaar par Sangnya)

36.   word formation: suffix(Shabda Rachana : Pratyaya)

37.   word formation: Compound(Shabda Rachana : Samaasa)

38.   word formation: prefix(Shabda Rachana : Upasarga)

39.   morphology/word views(Shabda-Vichar)

40.   word formation [composition](Shabda-Rachana)

41.   syntax(Vaakya-Vichar)

42.   Letter views/orthography(Varna Vichar)

43.   Punctuation mark(Viraam Chihna)

44.   Adjective(Visheshan)

45.   prefix and suffix(Upsarg aur prataya)

46.   Adverb(Kriya Visheshan)



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