• 1. What kind of products does Edurite provide?
  • 2. Who owns the Edurite brand?
  • 3. Who uses Edurite products?
  • 4. Can I see some samples before I buy?


Order Related
  • 1. How do I order Edurite DVDs/USBs/Worksheets online?
  • 2. Do you charge for shipping?
  • 3. What is “My Account”?
  • 4. How can I track the order after the product is shipped?
  • 5. Do you offer any discounts on purchases?
  • 6. Can I visit your office and collect the products?
  • 7. Why should I give a missed call or SMS to confirm the order?


  • 1. Do you provide free worksheets?
  • 2. The advertisement said Free worksheets but I am being charged for it. Why?
  • 3. Why are these Worksheets expensive compared to what is available in the market?
  • 4. The academic year is almost coming to an end. Does it make sense to buy worksheets now?
  • 5. Will I get additional discounts if I purchase worksheets for next year?
  • 6. Do you have Hindi language worksheets?
  • 7. Will you be sending me soft copies of worksheets that I need to print?
  • 8. Will my child find the worksheets difficult?
  • 9. Do I need to sit with my child when he/she does the worksheet?
  • 10. Do you have a mobile application?
  • 11. What is the GSM (gram per square meter) in worksheets?
  • 12. Where can I get the answers to the worksheets?


  • 1. What are the different modes of payment available to me?
  • 2. Can I pay using PayTM?
  • 3. What does depositing in the bank mean?


Returns & Refunds


Customer Support


DVD/USB Content Queries
  • 1. Is the entire syllabus covered in the DVD/CD?
  • 2. Do you provide sample question papers with the DVD/USB?
  • 3. Is the content relevant to the syllabus?
  • 4. My child’s school already has Smart classes. Why should I buy this digital content?
  • 5. Are there any demos available?


DVD/USB Technical Queries
  • 1. Does the DVD/USB need an internet connection for it to work?
  • 2. How long does it take to install the software?
  • 3. Is the content on a DVD different from the equivalent USB?
  • 4. How is it that a DVD and USB for a class are priced the same?
  • 5. Can I play the DVD on a DVD player?
  • 6. Will the DVD work on a Mac / Linux / Android Operating system?
  • 7. Can I use one DVD/USB on multiple systems?
  • 8. Where can I find the DVD/USB key?
  • 9. Is it mandatory to insert the DVD/USB in the PC every time I want to view the content?
  • 10. How long is a DVD/USB valid for?
  • 11. Can I use the USB for other purposes after installation?
  • 12. I want to place a bulk order. Is there someone I can talk to?