Edurite Get Ready for School Pack (New)

Edurite Get Ready for School Pack (New)

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Edurite Get Ready for School Pack is everything you need to get your child ready for school. You want to do everything you can to make your child succeed in school. These worksheets help by developing the fundamental skills that are required. With these highly engaging and entertaining worksheets, your kids will discover the joy of reading, writing, and drawing! We at Edurite strive to make your child’s learning fun and engrossing at every stage. The nursery rhymes and short stories will fascinate your young one making them sing along with the music while learning at the same time.

Worksheets are great practice materials that keep children occupied. Each worksheet is designed based on a child’s learning interest and competence. Solving worksheets sharpen their knowledge – encourage your child to solve at least one worksheet a day. Children who work on worksheets score higher in all tests. We bring to you a combined offer of Nursery Rhymes, LKG & UKG Worksheets. Our combo pack is a super saver, helping kids learn their future grade lessons well in advance. Let your child get brighter and well-prepared for a new challenge. Let us help you with your child’s academics! And we promise to make it fun for you!


Some key aspects of the Get Ready for School pack:
   1. Engaging worksheets with bright and colorful pages that intrigue kids
   2. Worksheets of 835 pages covering 3 main subjects - English, Math and General Awareness
   2. Interactive learning including numerous nursery rhymes and other learning aids 
   3. More than 50 thousand copies being delivered every month across India
   4. Thick, colorful pages that are exactly right for the kindergarten age group
   5. Prepared by experienced academicians based on the current NCERT syllabus - works for all Indian boards like CBSE, ICSE etc.
What you get with this combo:
  1. LKG Mathematics, English And General Awareness Worksheets
  2. UKG Mathematics, English And General Awareness Worksheets
  3. Nursery Rhymes Volume 1 -3 (USB)
  4. Colour pencils
  5. Crayons
  6. Five pages of motivational stickers
  7. Badges
  8. Certificate


Edurite Worksheets have tons of activities to improve your child's logical and analytical abilities. Some examples of what it covers:
Math: Tracing numbers, tracing shapes, maze games, identifying big and small, tall and short, heavy and light, identifying and matching identical objects, matching pairs of objects, finding the odd one out
English: Tracing alphabets, matching identical objects, sounds the alphabets make, matching alphabets with pictures, maze games, matching sets, storytelling, parts of the human body, vehicles, mothers and young ones
General Awareness: My family, healthy food, body parts, and functions, picture sequencing, road vehicles, pet animals, types of clothes, types of transport, safe and unsafe actions,
days of the week, months of the year, number names


System Requirements (only applicable for Nursery Rhymes USB) :


Recommended Requirement

Operating System Requirements

Windows-7, Windows-8, Windows-8.1, Windows-10 (x86 & x64) (All Editions Except Starter Edition)

Supported Architectures

32-Bit (x86) & 64-Bit (x64)


Computer that has a 1.6GHz or faster processor

Memory (RAM)

1 GB (32 Bit) or 2 GB (64 Bit) RAM

Graphics Card

DirectX 9 capable video card

Display Screen

1024 x 768 resolution display

Input Device

Keyboard and mouse

Hard Disk Space

5400 RPM hard disk drive with 6GB of available hard disk space or Above


USB Port, Audio Device



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