Edurite Get Ahead Program For Class 4

Edurite Get Ahead Program For Class 4

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Edurite Get Ahead Program for Class 4
  1. CBSE 4 Maths, EVS And Science Combo USB
  2. Class 4 Maths, English and EVS worksheets
  3. Integrated English USB


Edurite gives your child the best learning and high-quality study material for kids of Class 4. The Edurite Get Ahead Program for Class 4 contains a set of worksheets and USBs for your child that will make learning an interesting experience in addition to highlighting core concepts. The worksheets and DVDs are designed by experienced educationalists with the current NCERT syllabus. Mathematics, English, Social Studies and Science are the subjects that are covered. Edurite also provides guidelines, exam tips, and much more with hundreds of activities that recap concepts learnt.

Edurite helps students in Class 4 to build better sentences and paragraphs. Edurite helps students read, write, think, and succeed in all classes. They become better readers, writers, and learners and progress the literacy skills they need throughout school and beyond. Every student deserves a strong academic foundation and Edurite gives your child just that, the best learning experience. The worksheets are bright and colourful that keeps your child engaged. DVDs contain Interactive Assessment tools that help your child to assess their performance. 


Here are some key features of our Get Ahead Program:

1.      Subjects that are covered in Get Ahead Program for Class 4: Mathematics, English, Social Studies and Science

2.      With hundreds of activities that reiterate concepts learnt

3.      Bright colourful pages to intrigue and engage your child

4.      Easy to understand questions, that the child can work on independently, requiring minimum parent supervision.

5.      Designed by experienced educationalists and in tune with the current NCERT syllabus

6.      Comes with motivational stickers that parents can use to encourage the child



Recommended Requirement

Operating System Requirements

Windows-7, Windows-8, Windows-8.1, Windows-10 (x86 & x64) (All Editions Except Starter Edition)

Supported Architectures

32-Bit (x86) & 64-Bit (x64)


Computer that has a 1.6GHz or faster processor

Memory (RAM)

1 GB (32 Bit) or 2 GB (64 Bit) RAM

Graphics Card

DirectX 9 capable video card

Display Screen

1024 x 768 resolution display

Input Device

Keyboard and mouse

Hard Disk Space

5400 RPM hard disk drive with 6GB of available hard disk space or Above


USB Port, Audio Device



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