Class 6 Social Studies Worksheets

Class 6 Social Studies Worksheets

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Class 6 Social Studies Worksheets
Teaching social studies in the elementary schools is essential because children get the foundation in the subject and a sense of efficacy as contributing citizens of their world. Students will enjoy learning social studies with the help of class 6 social studies worksheets.  The class 6 social studies worksheets have many practical-based exercises which help students reinforce concepts well.  Students will understand and review social studies concepts thoroughly with the help of engrossing worksheets. Social studies teach about history, man’s existence, what happened in history. Young children need to understand how the present has come about and to appreciate the heritage of countries.
Social studies provide students with the talents for problem solving and decision making, as well as for evaluating matters and making considerate judgments. The class 6 social studies worksheets will help students achieve excellent scores in social studies tests and exams. The worksheets are mapped to the current NCERT syllabus and are conveniently available in book format.
Learning is enhanced with pictures and activities. Bringing to you high quality colored worksheets for children from Kindergarten to Class 6 that makes learning a happy and interesting experience.

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Here are some key features of our worksheets:

1.      Bright colorful pages to intrigue and engage the child.       

2.      Variety of activities to reiterate and understand concepts better.

3.      Easy understanding of the questions, thereby limiting a parent’s supervision to read the questions. (Only for class 1 to class 6)

4.      Stiffer pages that can withstand rough handling.

5.      Designed by experienced educationalists and in tune with the current NCERT syllabus.

6.      No of pages included in Class 6 SST Worksheets is 165.

Chapter List Social studies:(140 pages)
Gases and layers in atmosphere
Biosphere – the domain of life
India location
Neighboring countries of India
Political and administrative division
Physical division
Summer season in India
Winter season in India
Monsoon in India
Rainy season in India
Tropical rain forest in India
Tropical deciduous forest in India
Uses of forests
Thorny bushes in India
Mountain vegetation
Mangrove forests
The story of Buddha
The sangha
The lion capital
Ruling the empire
Brahmi script languages
People of the villages
Sculpture and archaeology
Trade and traders
Silk route
The spread of Buddhism 01
The spread of Buddhism 02
Samudragupta’s Prashasti
Nine gems of Chandragupta-II
Harshavardhana, Pallavas and Chalukyas
Kingdoms Administration
The Iron Pillars
Stupas and Temples Built
Books and Stories – 01
Books and Stories – 02
Books and Stories – 03
The Gram Panchayat
Police Station
Land Records
Municipal Corporation - 1 
Municipal Corporation - 2
Kalpattu Village - 01 
Kalpattu Village - 02 
Kalpattu Village - 03
Rural Livelihoods - 01
Rural Livelihoods – 02
Urban Livelihoods - 01
Urban Livelihoods – 02
Formation of Landforms
The Earth Facts
The Sun and Us
Our Colourful Planets
Our Large Home
Earth’s Satellite, the Moon
 Shooting Stars 
A model of our Planet
Parallels of latitudes
Climatic variations
Lines of Longitude
World clock
Time and the sun
Earth’s revolution
Types of Maps
Understanding directions
Symbols to communicate
Our past
Bharat, our country
Found in harappan cities
How they lived
What were they made of?
Crafts in civilization
Food in harappan cities!
Gujarat’s Harappan Civilisation
A Historical Ancient Vedic Book!
Horses and Men
The Stone Sentinels
The Hidden Truth
Burial Ritual
The Raja and his Subjects
Powerful kingdoms of Ancient India
Taxation in Ancient India
Paddy Land
Diversity is everywhere
Government organization
Government levels & laws
All are not equal in Society
Sharing water in land
Participation in Anti- Government
Racial segregation
Women power
Monarchy rule
Prejudice & discrimination
Mahajanapada – Types of governments
From Kanyakumari to Kashmir
Our freedom struggle
No barriers to fame
The Abolitionists
Discrimination among children
Inequality in society
Measuring a distance
A rough sketch
Tools that tell the story of early man
People two million years ago
Old Stone Age in India
Different kinds of stones
The progress of fire
Transition - hunting to farming
Art and paintings
Men, Women, and their work
Prehistoric sites in Karnataka
Knowledge through experiment
People in new Stone Age
Customs and traditions of the world
Mehrgrah, Daojali and other Neolithic sites
Our diverse languages
Animals then and now


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