Class 6 Mathematics English and Science Worksheet

Class 6 Mathematics English and Science Worksheet

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Class 6 Maths, English and Science Worksheets
Help your child excel in mathematics with the help of Edurite’s Class 6 math’s worksheets.  Interesting exercises with appropriate pictures and diagrams ensure that students learn and reinforce mathematics concepts in a fun-filled manner.  With topics ranging from long division to algebraic expressions, these sixth grade math worksheets take a comprehensive approach to sixth grade math curriculum. The Class 6 math’s worksheets have many practical-based exercises which help students reinforce concepts well. 
Class 6 English worksheets help students learn and review English completely.  Interesting exercises with appropriate pictures and exercises ensure that students enjoy learning English as a subject.  Students will understand and review English concepts thoroughly with the help of engrossing Edurite’s worksheets. Students will enjoy learning mathematics and English with the help of Class 6 worksheets.  The class 6 worksheets will help student’s ace in their tests and exams.  
Science worksheets teach students about the world around them, from molecules to spheres and everything in between. Help your kids develop a keen interest in the subject with the help of Edurite science worksheets. Our worksheets are informative and have many practical-based exercises which help students reinforce ideas well. Science is interesting and learning it with lots of examples make it all the more fascinating.
The worksheets have been meticulously prepared by expert educators with an emphasis on learning outcomes.  The worksheets are mapped to the current NCERT syllabus and are conveniently available in book format. The worksheets are full of colorful pictures and interesting activities that will help students review class 6 English efficiently. 
Learning is enhanced with pictures and activities. Bringing to you high quality colored worksheets for children from Kindergarten to Class 6 that makes learning a happy and interesting experience.

Here are some key features of our worksheets:

1.      Bright colorful pages to intrigue and engage the child.       

2.      Variety of activities to reiterate and understand concepts better.

3.      Easy understanding of the questions, thereby limiting a parent’s supervision to read the questions. (Only for class 1 to class 6)

4.      Stiffer pages that can withstand rough handling.

5.      Designed by experienced educationalists and in tune with the current NCERT syllabus.

English:(154 Pages) Mathematics:(150 Pages) Science:(140 Pages)
Punctuation 1 Greatest & Smallest 4 – digit number - 01  Ingredients of food
Punctuation 2 Greatest & Smallest 4 – digit number - 02 Food materials and sources
Punctuation 3 Greatest & Smallest 4 – digit number - 03  Plants parts as food
Punctuation 4 Greatest & Smallest 4 – digit number - 04  Herbivores, Carnivores or Omnivores - 1
Expletive Construction 1 Greatest & Smallest 5 – digit number - 01  Electric cell structure
Expletive Construction 2 Greatest & Smallest 5 – digit number - 02  Electric switch
Expletive Construction 3 Ascending order – 01  Conductor and Insulator
Expletive Construction 4 Ascending order – 02 Types of fibres
Expletive Construction 5 Descending order – 01 Method of separation of mixtures - 1
Auxiliary Verb 1 Descending order – 02 Measurement of length
Auxiliary Verb 2 Shifting Digits Water cycle
Auxiliary Verb 3 Place Value 5 - Digit Numbers Spinning
Auxiliary Verb 4 Expanded Form of Numbers Living and non living organisms -1
Auxiliary Verb 5 Reading and Writing Large Numbers – 01 Components of Air
Antonyms 1 Reading and Writing Large Numbers - 02 Presence of dust particles in air
Antonyms 2 Estimates to the Nearest Tens Uses of oxygen and carbon dioxide
Antonyms 3 Estimates to the Nearest Hundreds Water sources
Antonyms 4 Estimates to the Nearest Thousands Habitats of organisms
Antonyms 5 Concept of Estimation Animals Habitats
Homophones 1 Estimate Sum or Difference Some Habitats of organisms
Homophones 2 Estimate Sum or Difference Types of materials
Homophones 3 Estimate the Product 1 Method of separation
Contractions and Verb conjugation 1 Estimate the Product 2 Types of carbohydrates
Contractions and Verb conjugation 2 Expanding Brackets Dietary fibre
Contractions and Verb conjugation 3 Roman Numerals Functions of vitamins and minerals
Contractions and Verb conjugation 4 Use Roman Numerals Deficiency diseases
Contractions and Verb conjugation 5  Application of Roman Numerals History of cloth making
Synonyms – 1 Addition Using Number Line Group of materials
Synonyms – 2 Subtraction of Number Using Num Line Properties of materials-1
Synonyms – 3 Multiplication of Num Using Num Line Animal products as food
Synonyms – 4 Properties of Addition-01 Presence of oxygen in soil and water
Synonyms – 5 Properties of Addition-02 Electric circuits
Degrees of Comparison 1 Properties of Addition-03 Herbivores, Carnivores or Omnivores 
Degrees of Comparison 2 Properties of Multiplication -01 Electric cell and Bulb
Degrees of Comparison 3 Properties of Multiplication -02 Uses Battery
Degrees of Comparison 4 Properties of Multiplication -03 Function of Electric switch
Collective Nouns 1 Patterns Observation Types of switches
Collective Nouns 2 Factors and Multiples Electric Conductors and Insulators
Collective Nouns 3 Prime Numbers 1 to 100 Conducting and insulating materials-1
Collective Nouns 4 Divisibility Rules Plant fibres
Adjective Suffixes 1 Divisibility Rules for 4 Fibres - 2
Adjective Suffixes 2 Divisibility Rules for 8 Method of separation of mixtures – 2
Adjective Suffixes 3 Divisibility Rules for 9  Method of separation of mixtures – 3
Adjective Suffixes 4 Divisibility Rules for 11 Correct measurement of length
Adjective Suffixes 5 Factors and Multiples of Number  Types of motions
Similes 1 Some more Divisibility Rules Water cycle process
Similes 2 Factorisation of Number Dealing with garbage
Similes 3 HCF of Two Numbers Wastes
Similes 4 Application of HCF Living and non living organisms -2
Suffixes and Prefixes 1 HCF Of Three or More Numbers Living and non living organisms -3
Suffixes and Prefixes 2 LCM of Two Numbers Water treatment process
Suffixes and Prefixes 3 Application of LCM Habitat and Adaptation
Suffixes and Prefixes 4 LCM Of Three or More Numbers Features of Organisms
Nominalisation 1 Line segment Covering
Nominalisation 2 Types of Lines Organism’s body
Nominalisation 3 Opened - Closed Curves Uses of animals
Nominalisation 4 Different types of Polygons Respiratory organs of Organisms
What’s the one word? Angles Transparent,Opaque & translucent materials
Spot the silent one Circles Use of Transparent,Opaque&translucent materials
Read and answer Measurement of line Sublimation method
Circle the pairs Types of Angles Carbohydrates
Pick the odd one  Application of Angles Tests of starch, proteins and fats
Spot the word Angle Measurement Using Protractor Balanced diet
Right conclusion Triangle - 01 Food sources of dietary fibers
Find the word that rhymes Triangle - 02 Weaving and knitting
End the word Triangle - 03 Properties of materials-2
What’s the meaning? Types of Triangle - 01 Properties of materials-3
To say or not to say Types of Triangle - 02 Identify the word
Single or Double Types of Triangle -03 Tools and method
Y’ Endings Quadrilaterals - 01 Find the adulterants
Choose the right one  Quadrilaterals - 02 Fish out the right word
Name the people Quadrilaterals – 03 Factors for sedimentation
Match the pair 2D and 3D Shapes Reversible or not
You can do this, can’t you? Faces, Edges and Vertices Reverse help
Choose the right one Properties of Odd and Even Numbers Find the hidden words
Make the right choice Natural Numbers - Whole Numbers - Integers Units of measurements
Guess the animal Representation of integers on number line Measuring a curved line
Happy ending Operation on integers-Addition Measuring the right way
Fill in Addition of Integers Let us classify
The tiger’s defeat Subtraction on Number line Find the correct option
Say how Subtraction on Number line Name the word
Frame the questions Fraction as a Part of Whole Everyday changes
When was it done? Proper and Improper Fractions They are moving…but how!
Describe and complete Mixed Fractions Complete the table
Pick the right question Equivalent Fractions Magnet Mystery
The queen’s guess Fractions and Decimals A machine game
What’s the answer? Comparison of Decimals Check out these statements!
Name the addressee Decimals and Fractions Be a scientist!
The sound of ‘G’ Money - Decimals You can predict!
What’s the price? Decimal related to Length  Reversible or irreversible change
Find and replace Weight The leaf’s work
A journey with a difference Addition of Decimals A leafy tale
The sound of ‘C’ Solution of Equation Food and water in a leaf
Both the sounds Solution of Equation - Word problems Choose to describe
Kitchen action Solution of Equation-More word problems Word search
Weather report Ratio Stems and types
A word for the box Ratio - Word problems Name and describe
Amazing Gopalan Proportion - Word problems All jumbled up
A letter for the magazine Proportion The water cycle
A timely treasure Proportion Right or wrong
A letter of thanks Unitary Method It’s game time…..
An event to cherish Unitary Method- Proportion Know your compass
Pick the odd one Symmetry Magnets can be fun tool
Match the words Lines of Symmetry Spell bee…be busy
Two out of four Linear Symmetry Choose and pick
Missing parts More than one Line of Symmetry Need your help…
Circle the word Circle Get the right order
Kinds of people Line Segment It’s your choice
Right word Perpendicular two Line Segments How are they different?
Find the facts Perpendicular Lines A magic mat!
How did they do it? Perpendicular Bisector Remember these precautions
Out to dry Angle - Construction Make your own
Pick the sounds Angles of Special Measure Identify the roots
Double-decker Angle Bisector Flower parts and function
Good or well? Addition of Decimals Drought Woes!
How often? Addition of Decimals Uses of translucent objects
Say it differently Subtraction of Decimals Snail’s pace
Complete the questions Subtraction of Decimals Framers flight
Circle the right word Subtraction of Decimals  Recycling waste paper
Making mango juice Collection and Organisation of Data Flood from rainfall
Use the correct form Collection and Organisation of Data Recycling plastic
Reading time Pictographs Environment’s friend
Unscramble and spell Like and Unlike Fractions Habitats and animals
What would you write? Adding Like and Unlike Fractions Harvest precious rain!
The wish list Adding Using LCM Everyday water use
Ball game Adding Using LCM Snacky movements
Read & thick, the limerick Subtraction of Like and Unlike Fractions SAVE WATER!
Complete the puzzle Subtraction of Fractions ANYTHING for WATER!
A letter to granny Subtraction of Like and Unlike Fractions Body parts and movements
Correct and solve Decimals, Place value, Number line Game time
Goodbye Pictographs – Draw and interpret Did she eat right!
Modals and mood Pictographs – Draw and interpret Identify your joints
Which modal? Bar Graph Distinguish between the pairs
Modals as question tags Bar Graph Get set …. Action!
What do you think? Bar Graph Justify your Action!
Pick the right one Perimeter of a closed figure  Word scan
Phrases- an introduction Rectangles and Perimeter Picture reading
Types of phrases Perimeter of a Rectangle Transparent, Translucent & Opaque objects
More phrases Ratio Transparent creatures in the seal
Phrases and clause Perimeter of Polygons  
Introduction to clause Perimeter of Regular shapes  
Noun Clause Area of a Square  
Pick the silent letter Area of a Square  
Team them Area of a Rectangle  
The main word Area of a Rectangle  
Odd one Variables   
Expand the word Variables   
Expand the word Match stick pattern  
Agree or not? Equation  
Who is the speaker?    
Adjective Clause    
Adverb Clause    
Relative Clause    
Find the smile     


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