Class 3 Mathematics, English and Environmental Science Worksheets

Class 3 Mathematics, English and Environmental Science Worksheets

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Edurite offers a comfortable learning platform where students can nurture their knowledge and skills effectively. The worksheets are well-versed as well as convenient to use at a child’s own pace and time. The English language is universal. People around the world can communicate easier because they share a common language - English. It is the language of medicine, mass media and professional. Studying with Edurite worksheets is a big mountain, which can be overcome through hard work and dedication. As a parent, one has to take extra care and attention when it comes to teaching children from Class 1 to 6. Academics are made easier with worksheets. When a child is given a worksheet to solve, they will take it as a challenge and somehow find answers and make learning fun.

Learning is enhanced with pictures and activities. Bringing to you high quality colored worksheets for children from Kindergarten to Class 6 that makes learning a happy and interesting experience.

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Here are some key features of our worksheets:

1.      Bright colorful pages to intrigue and engage the child.

2.      Variety of activities to reiterate and understand concepts better.

3.      Easy understanding of the questions, thereby limiting a parent’s supervision to read the questions. (Only for class 1 to class 6)

4.      Stiffer pages that can withstand rough handling.

5.      Designed by experienced educationalists and in tune with the current NCERT syllabus.




Topics covered in English 

  1. Correlate Words with their meanings
  2. Adjectives, adverbs
  3. Formation of phrases
  4. Practice the appropriate use of verbs
  5. Antonyms
  6. Rearrange words in alphabetical order
  7. Articles, nouns and pronouns
  8. Practice the correct use of capital letters
  9. Associate contractions with their full forms
  10. Compound words
  11. Conjunctions
  12. Spelling words
  13. Construct grammatically correct sentences and sentence formation
  14. Homophones
  15. Reading and comprehension
  16. Rearranged letters to form words
  17. Use the right degree of comparison
  18. Link nouns with suffixes to form adjectives and adverbs
  19. Identify synonyms
  20. Understand concept of grouping
  21. Prepositions
  22. Proverbs
  23. Punctuation and capital letters
  24. Correlate words with their definitions

Topics covered in Maths

  1. Analyze and compare the weight of given objects
  2. Comprehend the concept of addition and subtraction of small numbers
  3. Recall the concept of place value and skip counting
  4. Associate the given number with 10 and solve the given problem
  5. Add two digit numbers by regrouping them
  6. Comprehend the commutative property of addition
  7. Comprehend the given word problem and solve them
  8. Solve the given addition problems in a given time
  9. Practice addition of three-digit numbers
  10. Comprehend and solve problems involving large numbers
  11. Apply the concept of addition and subtraction to solve the given problem
  12. Solve the problem mentally using the given information
  13. Apply the logical reasoning skill to solve the given problem
  14. Interpret the given data and apply mathematical skills to solve the problem
  15. Practices skip counting backwards and forwards by tens and fifties
  16. Observe the given calendar and also comprehend the concept of days and weeks
  17. Observe the given denomination of money and count them
  18. Comprehend the concept of billing and apply basic math skills to solve given problems
  19. Recognize the order of the number pattern given
  20. Draw and Divide
  21. Count and divide the objects in groups of 2, 3, 4, and 5
  22. Writing and Interpreting Division Statements, Multiplication Sentences
  23. Comprehend the concept of distance and metric system
  24. Telling time and calculating necessary weight to balance a scale

Topics covered in EVS 

  1. Moves with Air
  2. Comprehend the Importance of Ambulance
  3. Type of Beaks, Birds and their Nests
  4. Connections of Life
  5. Cooking Methods
  6. Day or Night
  7. Embroideries of India
  8. Family Tree
  9. Feeding Habits of Animals
  10. It is Lunch Time and It is Play Time
  11. Food Groups
  12. Modes of Communication
  13. A Healthy Home
  14. Helpful Animals
  15. A Roof on the Head-Whose House is this?
  16. Insects
  17. Invisible Things
  18. Getting to know birds
  19. From the seed to a plant, types of leaves
  20. Moon and Earth, Solar System


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