Class 2 Environmental Science Worksheets

Class 2 Environmental Science Worksheets

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Class 2  Environmental Science 

For young learners, naturally learning how to wonder, discover, and explore is an extension of their everyday world. Our teachings today regarding early childhood science education will have a greater impact on growing next generation scientists. Focusing on science in early childhood gives children a much greater potential to learn, not only to build a basis for future but also to build important skills and have a natural tendency to enjoy experiences in nature. Children’s ideas are mostly stable, Environmental science worksheets get your child learning about the environment and more. You can check our demos to get an idea of what learning will be like for your child.  In addition to the DVDs, with the supersaver pack, you can also purchase the Math, English and EVS worksheets.  
Learning is enhanced with pictures and activities. Bringing to you high quality colored worksheets for children from Kindergarten to Class 6 that makes learning a happy and interesting experience.

Here are some key features of our worksheets:

1.      Bright colorful pages to intrigue and engage the child.

2.      Variety of activities to reiterate and understand concepts better.

3.      Easy understanding of the questions, thereby limiting a parent’s supervision to read the questions. (Only for class 1 to class 6)

4.      Stiffer pages that can withstand rough handling.

5.      Designed by experienced educationalists and in tune with the current NCERT syllabus.



Topics covered  
  1. Myself
  2. My Body
  3. Types of Families
  4. People Around Us
  5. Time for Celebration
  6. A Day in School
  7. Animal Around us
  8. Our Beautiful Earth
  9. Birds and Insects
  10. Plants around us
  11. Food
  12. Sources of Food and Water
  13. Water
  14. Sources of Food and Water
  15. Kinds of Clothes
  16. How Clothes are Made
  17. Kinds of Houses
  18. Time
  19. Our Earth
  20. Natural and Human Made Things
  21. Seasons
  22. How We Get Clothes
  23. Keeping in Touch

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