CBSE Class 7

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CBSE Class 7  Combo (Maths,Science, Social Science)
CBSE Class 7 - Combo Pack   Buy Edurite’s Super Saver combo pack today and make learning easy and interesting. Find interactive videos, animations and activities created by expert teachers with years of experience, just for your little one. These CD’s give maximum coverage for the CBSE sylla..More >>
CBSE Class 7 Mathematics (1 CD Pack)
CBSE Class 7 Mathematics Mathematics requires a lot of practice along with a through understanding of basic concepts. Edurite’s CD’s is mapped to the current CBSE syllabus and offers detailed step-by step explanations for each concepts that a child has to learn. In fact our CD’s are just like h..More >>
CBSE Class 7 Science (1 CD Pack)
CBSE Class 7 Science   Knowledge assimilation is a unique human trait. This is enabled when the brain is introduced to new information from time to time. Students are introduced to newer concepts as they progress to higher classes and the best way to help these information stay in their memory for a lon..More >>
CBSE Class 7 Social Science (1 CD Pack)
CBSE Class 7 Social Science Social science is a subject which introduces us to the history, administration and various geographical features of the world around us. Every subject and topic addresses some key points which can only be understood when one has an interest.  Creating an interest in social sc..More >>