CBSE 1 Mathematics and Social Studies Combo DVD

CBSE 1 Mathematics and Social Studies Combo DVD

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CBSE Class 1 – mathematics

Class 1 is the foundation stone for a child’s future studies and as such the basics covered must be deeply rooted in their memory, making it a part of their life. With so many products in the market that target into the various developmental areas of the child, the main idea of helping the child learn the basic concepts and improve on them is totally lost. Here’s a product that does not deviate this purpose of helping the child learn with simple activities and technique, all in a fun filled way.

The CBSE Class 1 DVD for maths introduces the child to the various shapes, simple addition and many more topics through interesting activities that gets the child’s undivided attention. Children are never going to feel like they are forced to learn, because the activities are so interesting, they will want to do it again and again, thereby building a strong base of skills. You can take a look at the demo videos that are available to satisfy yourself before deciding on your purchase. 


CBSE Class 1 Social Studies

“Explore and learn” is a trait that is in a child’s blood from the early ages of their life. Taking this ideology a little further, we have designed a DVD that gives children a chance to learn better through visual medium. Here, we have incorporated the various topics that they would come across in the school - our home, going to school and even good habits such as being honest in a manner that is easy for them to identify with.

Children need to be coaxed into sitting to read and learn, but with this DVD, it’s not going to be a problem at all. Children will be eagerly awaiting their study time with Edurite’s CBSE Class 1 Social Studies DVD. If you don’t believe in our words, then we suggest that you check out the sample videos and the results will be visible right away. 


Chapter List


  • Data Handling
  • Measurement
  • Money
  • Numbers
  • Numbers from One to Nine
  • Numbers from Ten to Twenty
  • Numbers from Twenty-one to Fifty
  • Patterns
  • Subtraction
  • Time
  • Addition
  • Shapes and Space
Social Studies
  • About Me
  • My Family
  • Fun with the Family
  • Time to Celebrate
  • The Food We Eat
  • The Clothes We Wear
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Kinds of Houses
  • Animal Homes
  • Going to School
  • Festivals are Fun
  • Safety on the Road
  • Keeping Healthy
  • Telling the Truth
  • Brave Sunderlal
  • Being Good
  • Early Humans
  • We Share Work
  • Our Classroom



Recommended Requirement

Operating System Requirements

Windows-7, Windows-8, Windows-8.1, Windows-10 (x86 & x64) (All Editions Except Starter Edition)

Supported Architectures

32-Bit (x86) & 64-Bit (x64)


Computer that has a 1.6GHz or faster processor

Memory (RAM)

1 GB (32 Bit) or 2 GB (64 Bit) RAM

Graphics Card

DirectX 9 capable video card

Display Screen

1024 x 768 resolution display

Input Device

Keyboard and mouse

Hard Disk Space

5400 RPM hard disk drive with 6GB of available hard disk space or Above


DVD-ROM Drive, Audio Device



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