Working in groups in online study

Technology has advanced so much, such that the need to go out to colleges to study is lost. Many universities, colleges and institutes have come up with distance education programs, which enable the students to study during their free time in the comfort of their homes. Any medium of learning can be enhanced with study groups. While in schools, it is easy to make study groups and work towards achieving the goal, whereas in an online study, choosing people and working towards achieving success is a challenge.

Finding like-minded, goal oriented people is difficult in an online study. Also, since no one meets personally, it is important to identify and choose the right person to be part of the study group.  Online forums are established by the university/institute and moderated by a person who is part of the group. Here are some tips to create a successful study group for an online course.

  1. Be proactive – you will need to be an active member to be part of the study group. Be the leader and start your own forum, keeping in mind the goals and objectives of your group. Just creating a group isn’t enough, one has to constantly update, offer views and opinions.
  2. Seek other people who are proactive – Find people who are interested to work towards achieving the goals and objectives of the course. There are many people who hardly find time to study and use forums as a medium to understand and learn. Do not choose such people for your group, because these people will not be able to contribute towards the goal.
  3. Keep the group small – this is a rule for study groups, wherever they may be. A small group is always effective in bringing out the desired outcome rather than a big group.
  4. Meet regularly – allocate a particular time and the day to meet online and discuss the topics/subjects. Use technology to your advantage by using messengers which allow making calls. This way everyone can interact and develop their knowledge.
  5. Member roles – being in a group means that everyone is allocated a role, which they have to play. One person has to keep record of the people who are taking part in the discussion, the topic of discussion, recapping the entire sessions and so on. This way, every person in the group will have a responsibility which he/she will fulfill.

These are some of the tips for a successful online study group.

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