Work on your listening skills!

The average student spends about 20 hours listening to lectures in the class every week. In order to really be able to perform listening should be an active process. You have to be able to actively discern what is important and what is not if you wish to make the exercise of listening in class worthwhile. There are several strategies that a student can follow to improve their listening skills.

Eye contact with the instructor: In order to really listen, you should look at the person in question. Of course you should look at the notebook while jotting down your lecture notes but it is just as important to be paying attention to what you are writing down- a cardinal rule in listening skills.

Focus on content of a lecture: Sure, class does tend to get boring, you noticed that your teacher cleared his throat about 4-5 times and that he kept scratching his ear. You are focusing on the delivery of the lecture and not the content.

Avoid distractions: I’m sure you have been told time and again to switch off your cell phone. This is so that you do not get distracted by SMS’s, or do not get tempted to deviate from what is being discussed in the classroom.

Stay active, ask questions: the reason why you are not able to pay attention actively is simply because you are not keeping on your toes about the session. Asking questions, connecting various sequences in your mind and more will keep you listening to the content actively.

Concentrate: It is only when you do concentrate and actively listen to the conversation that you can actually respond to the emotions and react accordingly to what is being said. When you pay attention to the process of the lecture, you are actively participating in the listening process. This is vital to being able to remember content and understand it.

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