What to include in your school magazine?

School magazines are becoming a popular avenue for students to know about the latest news. News about the various activities in school, competitions, news on current affairs, competitive exams is covered in the magazine, along with some interesting articles. For information to make it to the magazine, one has to write. Writing for school magazines not only helps develop the writing skills, but also encourages creative thinking.

It is always a dilemma of the student editor to bring out new topics for discussion in the school magazine. While topics on school activities will not take much time to write and edit, it is the information about current affairs and other articles which require time and effort. Given below are a few topics which one can include in their school magazine.

  1. Capital punishment in schools.
  2. Climate change and its effects.
  3. Global warming and how to bring about a change.
  4. Going green at home and in school.
  5. Tips for success in exams.
  6. How to crack competitive exams.
  7. Study tips.
  8. Various styles of learning.
  9. Economic recession.

10.  Nanotechnology

These are some of the topics which you can include in your school magazine. You can also include topics that are controversial, past historical events, biographies, book reviews, which create a lasting impression in the minds of the students. Students will be interested to know more and also bring out fresh ideas in terms of articles. This would be a welcome change for students from the monotonous subjects in the classroom.

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