Using blogs to Teach and Learn

Educational technology brought about a new revolution in the field of teaching and learning globally. Blogs have been much popular among the public due to their socio technical, socio-cultural approach. A blog helps in virtual interaction by easing the process of web publication. Blogs have become popular among the teachers and the student masses as it serves as a perfect blend of teaching – learning methodology in the educational field. Blog helps to maintain the learning process in an active form.

Blogs as potentials of educational technologies:

The potentials of the blog in the educational technologies seem to have no end. Let us explore a few more potentials that can benefit the teachers and the students are as follows:

  • Though the concept of educational journals is not new, blogs have come up as the newest face of the educational journal.
  • The USP of the blog is that one can promote and project various practices of social collaboration.
  • Open interactions are encouraged by removing the barriers of privacy. Students can share and participate in various discussions that are not included in the classroom teachings.
  • Students can widen their horizons in learning and increase their social network.
  • Students can get a huge exposure and the level of appreciation for the contribution of information/ knowledge is extremely high.
  • There is no time constraint in blogging.

Teachers and students across the globe can share and learn information and experiences. Resources for learning and lesson plans are discussed across various verticals and this gives ample opportunities for the students to learn from their own mistakes.

There are a few challenges that can haunt the field of blogging. So it is very critical to know the usage and understanding of the new technology in education. These are the following guidelines that you (as a teacher and a student) need to follow.

  • Introduction of the technology must be backed by proper training.
  • The role of the teacher changes from a teacher to that of a guide. They will act as a facilitator in the process of knowledge construction.
  • One needs to ensure that no one is deprived of an access to the new world of technology. This will benefit on the students on equal basis.
  • The students have to be well aware of the aims and the expectations of the introduction of blogs.
  • Students have to actively participate and give feedback on the blogs. This will also motivate the writer to write more interesting blogs.

Once the students are exposed to this new technology in the educational field this will turn out to be the best educational resource and aid in personality development of all the students.

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