Use of visual aids in learning

Children are fast learners. They learn by watching others. Educators these days use many innovative methods to make learning a happy experience. One way to accomplish this is to incorporate visual aids in teaching.

Let us look at the benefits of having visual aids incorporated in the teaching methodology.

  1. It helps the students learn more effectively. Visual aids have charts, pictures, images, which help the students to understand very easily as they make an impression in their minds, thereby help in retaining information.
  2. Visual aids can be anything – postcards, flash cards, posters, OHP’s, computer presentations etc. Using any of these methods to teach a child will yield better results. These create an impression which is hardly forgotten, when compared to traditional teaching methods.
  3. In the modern day, where technology is growing with every passing day, visual aids are becoming the preferred mode of teaching for children. They create an interest in the subject. Since visual aids are more interactive than the traditional methods, children seem to like and learn better.
  4. Visual aids enhance learning because interactive effects can be used to reinforce the material learned. Much software is available for teachers with which they can customize their presentations.
  5. Visual aids help in breaking down information to manageable pieces for an audience to understand. They are also financially beneficial, as the same presentation can be modified for different users.
  6. Visual aids are used to help the student learn a subject/topic in a much better way, without having to stress him/her. It helps the student in focusing his/her thoughts and ideas on the subject, causing less distraction in the classroom.

Visual aids used in teaching, must be customized to the audience to enable them to grasp the idea. They are an addition to the regular teaching methods, to help in reinforcing the understanding.

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