Tips to improve concentration

There are days when you may be able to solve 20 sums in math in an hour and other days when doing 10 sums itself becomes a chore and a difficult task. No matter which subject it is, results do tend to vary now and then. The key difference between the day you performed exceptionally well and the day you did not is simple, concentration.

Concentration is about focusing on one single thing. Often the trouble is that our thoughts tend to travel exceptionally fast and hence focusing on one single thought while your mind is racing with a million thoughts becomes a difficult task.

In order to concentrate, observe events and people as they are in a high level of concentration. A classic example would be to observe your friends or just people around you when you are watching a highly popular flick for the first time. Everyone’s eyes would be glued to the screen, their breathing would be lower and for them to notice something else a big distraction would be required. This should tell you what the state of concentration should be like when you sit down with your books next time!

Using blinkers can help horses and people! The trick is to train your mind to switch to concentrate here and now mode the minute you use your hands as blinkers when doing an activity or assignment. This will automatically train your mind to switch to single track mode when you need to.

Do whatever you do as if it were the first time or the last time you will be doing it. Every time we do an activity for the first time or we know we never can do this again, we tend to pay more attention and give it all we’ve got. Therefore doing things with that mindset is an excellent method to improve concentration.

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