Tips for winning a debate competition

Every contestant who participate in a debate tries to convince the audience and the judges hi/ her point of view. The most common mistake the participants commit is through the passionate argument to prove that their contentions are correct.  Debating does not mean that you should only argue and negate the points of your opponents. There is a lot more to it. The most important requirement is to connect with the audience and the judges and convince them to follow your version of argument. This is how you can win a debate competition.

Tips for winning a debate competition:

  1. Prepare well for the big day: This is the most important thing to do. You are aware of the topic of debate and have an extensive research on the topic. Once you learn the important points properly, then you can form your own opinions about it. You can have a confident, convincing piece of interaction when you have a thorough knowledge about the topic.
  2. Confidence is essential: Always put across your points confidently and assertively across the audience, judges and your opponents. Your language skills, the tone of your voice, the modulations that you make when you interact, your body language and finally the eye contact are the key areas for succeeding in debate. You need to practice a lot to be confident. You can do this either before your friends or infront of the mirror.
  3. Connecting with the audience and the judges is extremely important: One thing to be borne in mind is that you need to win over the audience and the panel of judges. This winning depends entirely on your ability to do so. You can even put across the fresh ideas that you get at the last moment. Learn the art of promoting a dialogue than continuing with the arguing.
  4. Real life examples add more weightage to your arguments: The usage of language must be simple. This will help the audience to understand your points easily. Associate your arguments with real life examples. This will be more appealing to the audience.
  5. Rationality is a vital requirement while debating: The simplicity, clarity of thoughts and a rational attitude towards the topic can have a lasting impression about your efficiency on the spectators.  Listen carefully to the version of the opponents and this may fetch you some important points of consideration. Never take or make any personal comments.
  6. Description has to be clear: If you succeed in putting across your points in a descriptive manner, the audience will tend to have an imaginary scene of the description. This will also have a good impact on the minds of the audience and they can remember the facts for a longer span of time.

I’m extremely sure that these tips will help you to win a debate competition with an ease.

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