The AuthaGraph – The Most accurate World Map


The name AuthaGraph is from authalic and graph which was invented by Japanese architect Hajime Narukawa in the year 1999. AuthaGraph is a rectangular world map made by an equal division of a spherical surface into 96 triangles, transferring it to a tetrahedron while maintaining the area proportions and unfolding it to be a rectangle.

There was no perfect resolution in representing a spherical image on a rectangular piece of paper. In its long history, Mercator projection is one such previous art which fits in a rectangle and has been familiar for 440 years, since it has guided explorers to the new world. Thus existing maps contain distortion when transforming an entire sphere to a rectangle; they are unable to fit the outline in a rectangle without gaps, therefore, called mechanical vignetting.

The proposed AuthaGraph map was developed by multi-layers of projections via a tetrahedron. By this method, it is able to transform an entire sphere to a rectangle and it substantially keeping shapes and sizes of continents such as the Dymaxion map.

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