Technology in the life of special kids

Every day we come across a child with a special need. It becomes important to identify the methods by which one can help the kids with special needs. Internet – a boon of technology provides great resources for children, parents and teachers to help understand and use different strategies to help the children.

It is important that kids with special needs are not pushed aside and are given equal opportunity to learn and succeed. Individuals protected under the Disabilities Education Act helps to ensure that students with disabilities get access to general education.

Computers: Computers and internet have a huge impact in helping children learn better. Similarly, computers can be used to teach kids with special needs. This will allow the children to work at their own individual pace. This will not pressurize the children to learn in tune with the others.

Assistive technology: Anything that makes a task easier to accomplish/perform is considered as assistive learning. Hand-held text readers, sonar vision glasses for the blind and keyboard aids are some examples. Other examples of assistive technology are speech recognition software and touch screen monitors, which help the children.

It is important for parents and teachers to work hand in hand to help improve the quality of learning using the various methods of technology.

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