Teaching the students the Cause and Effect concept

Have you ever wondered as to why everything on the earth occurs? This happening is backed with a cause and further extended with an effect. This cause and effect concept also preaches Isaac Newton’s     third law of motion; “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Here, the word, “action” is used to signify the “cause “and “reaction” is used to signify the “effect”. Cause and effect form the basic essence of life on earth and therefore it is crucial to teach the student about this powerful lesson. Here are a few creative tips to help you make your classroom lesson more interactive, impressive and easily understandable.

Tips for teach the cause and the effect:

1. You need to give a personalize touch to your teaching by give real life scenarios to the students. Real life scenarios will serve as a powerful implication to explain the cause and effect concept. For instance: You can ask the students why do they study? Or why do they practice football on the daily basis. In the first scenario, the students are studying to understand the concepts and score better grades in the exam- this happens to be the cause and the score in the exam is the effect. Likewise, Students are practicing football on the ground since they need to gain expertise and participate in the coming tournament- this is the cause. The winning in the tournament is the effect of the practice.

2. You can even convince the students that some of the professions demand for cause and effect analysis. Archeologists, historians, crime detectives, journalists rely on the use of cause and effect concept in performing their job.

3. You can have a creative way of teaching the students about the cause and the effect concept. You can do this for the entire period of a class by asking the question “Why?” This is how students can be an important part of the cause and effect analysis and their involvement in the same will help them in understanding the concept better.

4. Vocabulary that implies the use of cause and effect needs to be taught in the class. For instance: consequences, actions, result, implications etc. This can be taught with the help of worksheets and assignments.

5. Challenge the students to design some experiments, inventions, describing the cause and the effect concept. Thereafter every invention/ experiment has to be tested in the class and analyzed based on the cause and effect concept.

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